War Of Moron Aggression

(I love the title and wish I could say it was mine but it originated with Klaus Marre)

I live in the South and when I was young I wish caught all about the War of Northern Aggression (American Civil War) or as it must lovingly known as the “The Lost Cause”….a romanticized version of the defense of slavery.

The winds of this aggression started way back….but blew a bit harder with the 1980 election of Reagan.

We are observing the Day of Infamy (the new one) 06 January…the day America went to war with it self.

This war of words (for now) is the opening salvo of moron aggression…..

With the political rifts of the past having grown into chasms, and one party more or less openly supporting a coup, there is increasing speculation that a second US civil war may break out. That’s complete nonsense, of course… because Civil War II is already underway. 

Unlike the original Civil War, there is no telling when this one began. In fact, most people — including many of the combatants — are unaware that it has already started. 

That is because it is not being fought on battlegrounds like Gettysburg, Antietam, or Bull Run, but in virtual arenas like Fox News, Facebook, and fringe message boards. The weapons of choice in these battles are not rifles, bayonets, and cannons, but rather lies, misinformation, and demagoguery.

As a result, the modern-day war profiteers are social media companies that are getting rich off this conflict. And, while they are making a killing, their users are doing the dying.

Instead of pitting the North against the South, this civil war is all about tribes (although, in truth, the geographical divisions between the different tribes match those of 1860s America pretty closely).

And, depending on which tribe is winning in a respective state, we might as well be talking about adversarial nations, because their ideologies are that far apart.

In fact, the differences in governance between California and Texas today are probably greater than those between New Hampshire and Tennessee in the 1860s. Back then, the primary disagreement between them was whether it’s OK to buy and sell human beings and hold them like cattle. Granted, that’s a biggie, but, apart from that, the average person in Manchester, NH, probably felt pretty similar about things as the average person in Manchester, TN.

The War of Moron Aggression

This post will most likely fall on blind eyes….or worse no one gives a shit as long as their flavored drinks keep coming….how sad is that?

Just once a ray of sunshine would be nice….I thought we might have that with the more progressive members that were just elected in 2020….but that ray was quickly snuffed out by the political hacks that are permanent members of Congress….and sadly it will only get worse in 2022 and then onto 2024.

We should never forget least the moron aggression will grow.

The courts are trying the offenders but in my opinion they are not being held accountable….the punishment should be much harsher and the penalties much steeper.

But what the Hell the new episode of Euphoria is out.

How pathetic is that?

I read, I Write, you Know

“lego ergo scribo”