Closing Thought–26Jan22

I have saying for years that the participants of political parties are cowards….they are more worried about their appearance on TV than they are worried about the people that claim to represent.

The GOP is once again proving my point……this time it is about debates….

GOP unhappiness with the commission that runs the presidential debates reached a peak Thursday, when the Republican National Committee told the nonprofit it wants its candidates to sit out the event in the future. The committee told the nonprofit in a letter that it plans to require its candidates to sign a pledge promising to stay out of future events sponsored by the Commission on Presidential Debates, the New York Times reports. Party Chair Ronna McDaniel referred in the letter to giving candidates an “opportunity elsewhere” to debate, but there’s no word on what that forum would be or whether the Democratic Party would sign on.

McDaniel’s Democratic counterpart accused the GOP of trying to hide its candidates from voters, per the Hill. “During the last presidential election, the Republicans decided to not have a platform for the first time ever so it’s a natural progression,” Jaime Harrison said. “First no platform and now no debates.” The commission, which was launched by both parties in 1987 and is billed as nonpartisan, said the Republican Party wants changes in the way the debates are handled. Democrats have not called for any changes. If the commission blocks “meaningful reforms necessary to restore its credibility,” McDaniel said, the party will look elsewhere.

A Republican official and a commission official have been talking for months about the party’s complaints that Democrats are favored by the process. The commission said that as a neutral entity, “which neither favors nor disfavors any party or candidate,” it doesn’t negotiate over its process with anyone. Its officials wonder if someone’s confusing the campaigns in the primary and general—when there’s only one candidate left per party—races. The commission doesn’t have anything to do with debates during the primaries. The RNC will vote on the pledge requirement next month.

Of course they want out of the debates for their candidates have NO platform to defend….all they have is misinformation and lies, slogans and other such nonsense.

This is how cowards act.

Thank you GOP for helping to prove my point that you d/bags are COWARDS!

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Remember The “Havana Syndrome”?

Probably not….and since this news has somehow slipped dfrom the public’s mind I shall help them recall….

Havana Syndrome is a set of unexplained medical symptoms first experienced by U.S. State Department personnel stationed in Cuba beginning in late 2016. At the time, those diplomats had been dispatched to Cuba as part of the rapprochement between the two countries begun under President Barack Obama, after decades of severed diplomatic relations between them. The emergence of the ailments on Cuban soil strained those developing ties.

It was a big deal back in the day…..well all the accusations may have been pure BS…..

There has been much hype in recent years over headaches and other symptoms US diplomats and spies have experienced while deployed overseas. This phenomenon has been nicknamed the “Havana Syndrome” since the first reports of the symptoms came from diplomats in Cuba.

The assumption is that the mysterious illness is the work of a hostile foreign power, such as China or Russia, using microwave weapons. But NBC News reported Wednesday that the CIA has ruled out the possibility that the majority of Havana Syndrome cases were “the result of a sustained global campaign by a hostile power.”

The report reads: “The idea that widespread brain injury symptoms have been caused by Russia or another foreign power targeting Americans around the world, either to harm them or to collect intelligence, has been deemed unfounded, the sources said.”

According to NBC, hundreds of US diplomats and spies have reported Havana Syndrome symptoms and many are “disappointed” that the CIA isn’t blaming a foreign power. But the CIA assessment is not the only reason to believe the syndrome is not an attack on US personnel.

Many of the diplomats that reported the symptoms said they heard strange, loud buzzing noises. A 2018 State Department report that was recently obtained by Buzzfeed found that the culprit of the loud noise was likely local crickets. Separately, a group of scientists analyzed a recording of the mysterious sound and concluded that the noise was the call of a Caribbean species of cricket.

So all that chest thumping and finger pointing was actually the work of a cricket…..that poor cricket was used to tighten sanctions on Cuba.

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