Biden’s Presser

Last night Biden went on TV for a long over due press conference….and as usual it was mostly….blah….blah….blah…..

But if that does not help your understanding then here are a few of the topics he covered…..

  • Build Back Better: The president said he’ll probably have to divide his social spending measure into smaller pieces to get anything through Congress, per the Hill. “I think we can break the package up, get as much as we can now, come back and fight for the rest later,” Biden said.
  • Inflation: The administration is going after rising prices by trying to solve the problems in the supply chain, Biden said, per the Washington Post. “We’ve been able to make progress on speeding up the access to materials,” he said.
  • The pandemic: Biden conceded testing capacity should’ve been increased sooner but expressed satisfaction with adult vaccination rates, now close to 75%. Overall on the pandemic, he said, “I think we’ve done remarkably well.”
  • GOP congressional opposition: “What are Republicans for?” Biden asked in saying they only want to prevent him from accomplishing his goals. “Name me one thing that they are for.” The president said he won’t abandon his legislative agenda. “We just have to make the case what we’re for and what the other team’s not.”
  • Getting out more: Biden said he intends to leave Washington more often to hear from Americans, as well as outside experts, per ABC News. His travels will include becoming “deeply involved” in the midterm campaigns, Biden said.

Bitching about the GOP gets nothing accomplished……there is an answer to rising prices….but NO one in DC will even offer the solution… rights is dead…..infrastructure is a drop in the bucket and well do little to solve the problem…..

None of his solutions will do anything to help end the slide of the Dems into obscurity….and getting out more and ‘listening’ to Americans gives me such a chuckle….when was the last tine a elected official really listened to the American people……those slugs only hear money and not the problems.

More promises and more disappointment….are all we have to look forward to in the near future.

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6 thoughts on “Biden’s Presser

  1. There are a couple of “pieces” this republivan supports: increased child care for working parents and expanded pre school opportunities (both means tested), huge program for elder care(means tested). Fortunately my father lived with me for 19 years until he passed away this March and mother with me for 12 years and I was able to care for all their needs but we could never afford a nursing home or home care. There will be no elder care for me or nursing home either. Children don’t have that kind of money. If I signed over my entire social security check and my modest pension, I could not even get a broom closet as a room in those places. Millions of retired boomers cannot take care of their parents. Many aged parents have just enough income that disqualifies them from Medicaid.

  2. It seems that Congress is determined to suppress any plans that might be good for the ‘average person’.
    As for getting out of DC more often, that should be expected, not just talked about.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  3. The price of continually underestimating the determination of republiKKKan Nazi Racist Traitors and their Death Qult to seize and hold onto power at any cost. Dems bring petitions to a gunfight.

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