One Last ‘Booster’ Thing

I have written several times about the ‘booster’ for Covid….again talk with your medical professional for what is best for you and your family.

When the news first broke about a ‘booster’ my first question was will it be free as well……then I read a story about Pharma and the booster…..

Billions more in profits are at stake for some vaccine makers as the U.S. moves toward dispensing COVID-19 booster shots to shore up Americans’ protection against the virus. How much the manufacturers stand to gain depends on how big the rollout proves to be. US health officials late on Thursday endorsed booster shots of the Pfizer vaccine for all Americans 65 and older—along with tens of millions of younger people who are at higher risk from the coronavirus because of health conditions or their jobs, per the AP. Officials described the move as a first step. Boosters will likely be offered even more broadly in the coming weeks or months, including boosters of vaccines made by Moderna and Johnson & Johnson. That, plus continued growth in initial vaccinations, could mean a huge gain in sales and profits for Pfizer and Moderna in particular. “The opportunity quite frankly is reflective of the billions of people around the world who would need a vaccination and a boost,” Jefferies analyst Michael Yee said.

Wall Street is taking notice. The average forecast among analysts for Moderna’s 2022 revenue has jumped 35% since President Joe Biden laid out his booster plan in mid-August. Most of the vaccinations so far in the U.S. have come from Pfizer, which developed its shot with Germany’s BioNTech, and Moderna. They have inoculated about 99 million and 68 million people, respectively. Johnson & Johnson is third with about 14 million people. No one knows yet how many people will get the extra shots. But Morningstar analyst Karen Andersen expects boosters alone to bring in about $26 billion in global sales next year for Pfizer and BioNTech and around $14 billion for Moderna if they are endorsed for nearly all Americans. Those companies also may gain business from people who got other vaccines initially. In Britain, which plans to offer boosters to everyone over 50 and other vulnerable people, an expert panel has recommended that Pfizer’s shot be the primary choice, with Moderna as the alternative.

Andersen expects Moderna, which has no other products on the market, to generate a roughly $13 billion profit next year from all COVID-19 vaccine sales if boosters are broadly authorized. Potential vaccine profits are harder to estimate for Pfizer, but company executives have said they expect their pre-tax adjusted profit margin from the vaccine to be in the “high 20s” as a percentage of revenue. That would translate to a profit of around $7 billion next year just from boosters, based on Andersen’s sales prediction. J&J and Europe’s AstraZeneca have said they don’t intend to profit from their COVID-19 vaccines during the pandemic. For Pfizer and Moderna, the boosters could be more profitable than the original doses because they won’t come with the research and development costs the companies incurred to get the vaccines on the market in the first place.

WBB Securities CEO Steve Brozak said the booster shots will represent “almost pure profit” compared with the initial doses. Drugmakers aren’t the only businesses that could see a windfall from delivering boosters. Drugstore chains CVS Health and Walgreens could bring in more than $800 million each in revenue, according to Jeff Jonas, a portfolio manager with Gabelli Funds. Jonas noted that the drugstores may not face competition from mass vaccination clinics this time around, and the chains are diligent about collecting customer contact information. That makes it easy to invite people back for boosters.

All the news about the boosters leads me to believe that corporate media is hawking this as a necessity….after all profit is more important than health care.

Or is the booster thing being hawked by Biden admin as some sort of payback to Pharma for their giving the ‘jabs’ for free to the population?

Any thoughts?

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8 thoughts on “One Last ‘Booster’ Thing

  1. The boosters here wil be free to the people, but obviously paid for by the government. As you say, lots more profits for the companies invloved, especially as our current government is now ‘preferring’ Moderna as a booster.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. I just read that when the FDA approves a vaccine, it allows two interesting things. The pharmacy companies can then raise their prices and they can begin direct advertising to the consumer – both a detriment to the individual.

    The CDC has recorded almost 20,000 breakthrough cases in the US (the timeframe is unclear but it looked like perhaps May – Sep) so I will get the booster when authorized for Moderna. The high percentage of breakthrough case deaths are in the 65 and older age group.

  3. It’s a good point, but considering that we are still receiving our vaccines for free, it seems that public safety is the ultimate goal…that said, we live in a society where EVERYTHING is monetized in some way, right?

  4. The other side to this coin is that profits relate to paying taxes based on those profits. Now, one can argue the popular generalizations that these huge-profit companies never pay taxes.. and in fact, a few have been able to avoid the proverbial “paying their fair share” because we like to create villains out of big business and their alleged “uncontrollable” profits.. because a company making a profit is somehow ripping off the little guy.. right?
    In fact, “billions in profits” doesn’t mean that profit money has been taken out of the economy and being horded under a Aunt Edna’s mattress. It’s just going into the economy feeding all industries in one form or another simply as “demand” for something. So called “fat cats” spend that money.. and many times on what we call luxurious things.. but then that feeds the luxury industries which also employ us “little people”.
    Short term.. we better close the corporate tax loopholes.. which I understand is part of the pending legislation in Congress that’s currently all jammed up with politics.

    1. These companies pay very little in taxes… is gone when it hits the Caymans… really think the Congress will truly close those loopholes on the people that own them? chuq

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