Is This Evolution?

First of all I am not writing this for some silly debate on the difference between evolution and “intelligent design” (so please stick to the post and not some weird idea)

The Theory of Evolution formulated by Charles Darwin basically states….

The theory of evolution by natural selection, first formulated in Charles Darwin’s book “On the Origin of Species” in 1859, describes how organisms evolve over generations through the inheritance of physical or behavioral traits, as National Geographic explains. The theory starts with the premise that within a population, there is variation in traits, such as beak shape in one of the Galapagos finches Darwin studied. Individuals with traits that allow them to adapt to their environments will help them survive and have more offspring, which will inherit those traits. Individuals with less adaptive traits will less frequently survive to pass them on. Over time, the traits that allow species to survive and reproduce will become more frequent in the population and the population will change, or evolve. Through natural selection, Darwin suggested, a diverse life-forms could arise from a common ancestor.  

Some of these characteristics may give the individual an advantage over other individuals which they can then pass on to their offspring.

Individuals with characteristics best suited to their environment are more likely to survive, finding food, avoiding predators and resisting disease. These individuals are more likely to reproduce and pass their genes on to their children.

Individuals that are poorly adapted to their environment are less likely to survive and reproduce.

What got me to thinking along this line is the raging Covid-19 virus and people’s reactions to the steps that need taking to prevent it from wiping out populations.

Could the reactions to the issues of health during the pandemic be evolution as Darwin envisioned?

Those with the logical and rational brain that have been intelligent enough to take the precautions will survive and those with the less sophisticated mind will doom themselves?

As my grandfather use to tell me….”Ignorance is easily cured but stupid is terminal”.

Those that are against these precautions are doing to themselves what they have been afraid that others we doing to them….dooming the white race.

Could this be a blessing or a curse?

Just thinking out loud.

I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”


40 thoughts on “Is This Evolution?

      1. Seems to me if you wanna be understood maybe more English and less Hebrew and Jewish references to demonstrate your intellectual elitism. I have no doubt if one is a Rabbi then all this makes sense. After all, there are probably many readers in here who also reside in “tiny boxes”.

      2. As an Israeli … I resemble that remark! 🙂
        I address current issues in my society just as you do in your society. The internet permits people from far away places to communicate and share ideas. Only used 3 Hebrew words לא טוב\not good, פלל\judge, and פשיטא\Aramaic for “obvious”. Sorry, oooops, a 4th word דאורייתא\from the Torah. The body of the dialogue communicated in English. In Israel I heard the statement … ya speak 3 languages – you’re Trilingual!! Ya speak 2 languages – your Bi-lingual. Ya speak only English — you must be an American. LOL

      3. Yeah, I must be.. and when it comes to elitism we have a fair share of our own level of pomposity we assert onto the world. Nice to meet you actually. I have lots of questions and little time sadly.

      4. No shit.
        I’ve been refreshing some history knowledge by watching the CNN series on “Jerusalem”. Last episode was your fight for independence and creation of the Jewish state. Seems we all tend to impose ourselves for self-centered reasons. Human traits we can’t avoid.

      5. Israel won its national independence after over 2000 years of exile, coupled with the murder of 75% of European Jewry between 1942 – 45. Wow that’s unheard of in human history. Truly amazing.

  1. If we give Darwin his due we can readily say that man evolved to survive by having the ability to reason, and opposing thumbs in order to best shape his reasoning into the physical world. The ability to reason ends up being individually different. In other words, we all reason differently, and no single reasoning is the only way to survive under all situations and/or conditions. Hence, the infinite diversity that is mankind in order for mankind to survive the myriad of threats to exist. It would be convenient to suggest that people who don’t want to mask up or take vaccines are somehow lacking in some brain intelligence.. yet they are marching to the beat of a different set of reasoning characteristics as a result of their individual version of nature vs. nurture. Keep in mind that our individual levels of reasoning could very much indeed get in the way of personal survival. When we feel safe or insulated we react one way thatn we do when feeling threatened directly. This is why people adamant about not wearing masks or taking vaccines find their own personal reasoning for that. But once they catch Covid and end up with the suffering, and are seeing the life threatening possibility of needing a respirator, the symbol for our possible demise, we have a natural fear of death and regrets for not having got vaccinated.

    This is exactly why that crisis management requires an absolute leader. There is no room for a democracy when a nation is experiencing a life threatening event to its population or its existence. EXACTLY the reason a captain of a ship has total control on the high seas. At the moment we have about 40% of the population, coerced by our current national political divide, who want nothing to do with a singular crisis leader for fear that their own personal “freedoms” will be dictated to them by a person representing an opposing political ideology… even for 5 minutes.

    1. Far more trust the State Rights of autonomous States making the Republic/Union, than some vile Lincoln like dictator who despised Jeffersonian democracy.

      1. Geez why such anger?????? Its not like i stepped on your dick. The theory of p’shat\פשט has dominated the Yeshiva learning world for well over 1000 years. One rabbi, has ever challenged the total dominance of this theory till what I shared with you!!! That’s outright amazing.

      1. I don’t know why chuq allows him on his site. He’s an Israeli bigot, and probably has severe mental health issues. I have spammed him from commenting on my blog.

      2. Oh hell.. I didn’t know this fellow was cast out into the wilderness.. and here I am engaging with him. I’ll stop.

      3. Doug I try to let all comment as long as they can stay on topic….I will allow some deviation but this guy goes too far….he has had some good comments but they are few…..he will be back……he has a blog let him spread his crap there. chuq

      4. If he can stay on target then he can comment…I have sent many of his to Spam and will continue to do so. chuq

      5. What part of MY BLOG do you not understand…I would think that the Israeli education process would be better than you chuq

      6. Your blog communicates an American perspective. What offends you if I communicate an tangential Israeli perspective?

  2. Evolution is the reactive process to a species to it’s environment. Adaptations are not always positive.

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