That ‘White Privilege/Supremacy’ Thing

The debate over CRT has brought the whole idea of ‘white supremacy’ to the forefront of the national dialog….some of the findings may surprise my reader…..

America’s battle over “critical race theory” reminds us of an ugly truth about the enduring white supremacy that’s long defined this country. In a potent racist backlash moment against the rising Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, many states have moved in Orwellian “Big Brother” style to entirely ban discussions of structural and institutional racism from K through 12 and college classrooms. And much of the public is on board with this agenda, as July polling from Ipsos reveals that 36 percent of Americans support “a ban on CRT in public schools.” This includes 23 percent of Democrats, 34 percent of independents, and 54 percent of Republicans. The opposition is based on toxic ignorance. In the case of the one group in which a majority supports the CRT ban – Republicans – only an average of 30% of respondents can provide correct answers across 7 factual questions that Ipsos asked about CRT. This is hardly surprising – when has bigotry ever been about being factually informed about the people you dehumanize

America’s culture of white supremacy is longstanding, and not confined to the Republican-right. Recent polling reveals that large numbers of Americans can be classified as white nationalists, including members of both parties. An October 2019 Associated Press poll found that 22 percent of Democrats and 51 percent of Republicans agreed that “a culture established by the country’s early European immigrants” is “important” “to the United States identity as a nation.” Such sentiment draws on classic white nationalist sentiments that identify white “European immigrants” as central to the national “culture” and “identity” and what it means to be American.

Similar to AP’s 2019 poll, a University of Virginia poll from 2018 revealed that 35 percent of Americans, including 26 percent of Democrats, 29 percent of independents, and 51 percent of Republicans, agreed that “America must protect and preserve its White European heritage.” The poll revealed much about American denialism, as only 8 percent of respondents were willing to admit in the survey that they support “white nationalism,” despite the alternatively worded question above serving as a functional equivalent for white nationalism, and demonstrating that 35 percent of respondents agreed that “America” as a nation should define “its” identity via “White European heritage.” Put another way, the discrepancy here suggests that while only 8 percent of Americans admit they are white nationalists, another 27 percent “fit the bill,” but are unwilling to openly identify as so for fear of the stigma that comes along with it.

Rise of the Right: White Supremacy and the Myth of the “White Working-Class”

Republican politics has jumped on the victim hood of white people since Trump made it fashionable…..

Republican politics have become so animated by white victimhood in the Trump era that any honest accounting of racial injustice in U.S. history is almost certain to draw conservative ire. Indeed, I found that the share of Republicans who think there’s too much Black history taught in schools increased by 30 percentage points from 2000 to 2018. But when you combine the rise of white identity politics in the GOP with its mischaracterization of critical race theory as tantamount to anti-white indoctrination, it’s even easier to see how a relatively obscure framework emerged as a leading issue in Republican Party politics. Moreover, the war on critical race theory suggests that the white grievance politics Trump helped activate isn’t going anywhere; rather, it’s a key part of the GOP strategy moving forward.

How The Rise Of White Identity Politics Explains The Fight Over Critical Race Theory

Like the article stated it is not just the GOP that is concerned over the loss of any power by whites…..but it seems to be more rabid within those that identify themselves as Repubs….even to the point of armed resistance…..

Nearly half of Republican voters believe there will come a time when the so-called “American patriots” will “have take the law into their own hands,” the findings of a new survey reveal.

The survey highlighted the following:

“Support for fundamental principles such as free and fair elections, free speech, and peaceful protest are nearly unanimous among both Democrats and Republicans. Their views on other democratic values, however, differ dramatically. Over half of Republicans (55%) supported the possible use of force to preserve the “traditional American way of life,” compared to 15% of Democrats. When asked if a time will come when “patriotic Americans have to take the law into their own hands,” 47% of Republicans agreed, as opposed to just 9% of Democrats.”

That survey tells me that the GOP members are running scared for some reason….most of which is made up to energize an ignorant base.

This is disturbing….and I fear for this country as it has been in the past….the future without change of thought is heading for a fall…..and that fall has come from internal strife….we can blame NO ONE but ourselves.

I Read, I Write, You Know

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10 thoughts on “That ‘White Privilege/Supremacy’ Thing

  1. The Trump years must bear considerable responsibility for the public resurgence of this blatant racism. He made it apparently ‘respectable’ to openly sneer at enthnic minorities for the first time in decades, and by doing so, legitimised racism in all its forms.
    Best wiishes, Pete.

    1. BeetleyPete us Americans have been Sneering minorities for ages and behind the media has constantly. I am a former WN and Nazi and I can tell you there are large segments who hate all non-white human beings. I have been there and seen that shit. I have seen the sickest Jokes about torturing and lynching Blacks, things even Rush would piss his pants thinking about saying on Air, I have seen American’s Soul and it is in need of mending if it can be mended at all.

  2. So some so called Moderate in your links is talking about Marxist being involved in CTR? Do the stupid people never give up on putting Marxism into everything. I watched Old Soviet Cartoons and they had the same racist Troops, Nu, Pogodi for instance had black Cannibal Rabbits show with racist anti-black features.

    I think if some idiot wants to call everything Marxist they hate, I think all the survivors of communism’s genocides should to take turns beating him/her/they with a baseball bat.

    I actually have family who suffered due to the Russians.

  3. The very fact that republiKKKan Nazis want to suppress CRT proves that there is TRUTH to it.

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