Closing Thought–11Aug21

There are many stories that go under reported because of the laser focus on Covid and infrastructure and other stuff by the MSM.

This report needed more coverage than it received…..

More than half of women soldiers who report sexual harassment say they are repeatedly harassed, according to a Rand Corporation study about sexual harassment and gender discrimination faced by soldiers. The most prevalent forms of harassment are attemptsat unwanted sexual relations, being “ignored,” “mistreated” and “insulted“ due to their gender and hearing they are not as good as men.

Rand released the results of a five-month study that was requested by the Army as part of Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s February 2021 order to address sexual assault. The study,comprised of 1,582 female and 900 male active-duty soldiers who reported some form of sexual harassment to the 2018 Workplace and Gender Relations of Active Duty Members survey. It concluded that while men and women both face forms of harassment in the Army, women are more likely to face “serious” or “persistent” harassment.

The WGRA is a biennial survey mandated by Congress to asses the prevalence of sexual assault, sexual harassment, and related issues within the military. In 2018 the survey sampled 735,645 active-duty service members across the military, with 17 percent of respondents self-reporting a form of sexual assault or harassment.

The most prevalent form of harassment experienced by women — reported by 53 percent of respondents — was being “ignored, mistreated,” or “insulted” due to their gender. In addition, 45 percent of women reported hearing that they weren’t as good as men at their job.

Apparently the Pentagon had rather fight wars instead of insuring the safety and the mental health of women military participants.

This is so sad…..pathetic even.

Why are women soldiers treated like second class citizens?

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6 thoughts on “Closing Thought–11Aug21

  1. By coincidence, we had an extensive report about this happening in the British Army this week. It seems to be being overlooked by the top brass.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Good post… and something i will also follow up on in the future. I am wondering.. if the military is truly serious about this then the evaluation should be far more than just the idea that “men are scum and need to be punished”. Things occur for a reason, and this by no means is meant to imply that women should accept any blame at all. But to understand why problems exist is to understand fully the origins in order to form more targeted policies to avoid situations that might encourage such action. Pertaining to the military environment, I’d like to know how prevalent are these occurrences of harassment were in office settings vs. combat settings in the field; on training missions or intensive strategic missions; more situations between one branch of the military over another (Navy with their confining ship duty over Army or Marines with field duty). One immediate consideration I might think of offhand… the military has been a traditionally male dominated environment hence little care has been given to off-color banter, much sexual in nature, within the ranks normally accepted between men. You and I have both experienced that in our time. Are women in the mix interpreting this previously “normal” banter as some form of sexual harassment against them when they happen to overhear such indirect talk? That would of course tend to bias the statistical reporting of such encounters as a direct level of harassment to cause offense. Again.. all this is to not turn women into having responsibility but to allow for policy to help avoid situations to begin with because just leaving it all up to “men being on good behavior or they get punished” will likely never be a deterrent.. and the whole idea is not to make women into victims.

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