The “Democracy Gap”

First we need to define the term…..

A democratic deficit (or democracy deficit) occurs when ostensibly democratic organizations or institutions (particularly governments) fall short of fulfilling the principles of democracy in their practices or operation.

More simply….

There are certain points in history when the gap between governments and their people widen. Whether our democracy is receding depends on your point of view. In the midst of increased government surveillance and economic meltdown, there are grass roots citizens’ movements which are reseeding democracy. But if we only measure democracy by the state of our government, then one could easily argue that government of, by, and for the people has taken some giant leaps backwards; from ‘droning’ out democracy, to the overt Patriot Act that we inflicted upon ourselves. Willingly trading “security” for personal freedoms seems counter to what every patriot has stood or died for.

Ralph Nader (not a big fan of him) wrote an op-ed about the ‘gap’ and ‘lag time’…..

Lag time is another phrase for the “democracy gap.” It is the space between what most of the people want and need, and what those same passive people suffer and tolerate.

Kicking life-saving solutions endlessly down the road is the mark of the brutish power of the corporations over the innocents.

Fifty years ago, medical research warned about the overuse of antibiotics creating mutations of resistant bacterium, making these drugs less effective. Dr. Sidney Wolfe warned about this criminal negligence again and again, along with other colleagues. But the drug companies kept over-promoting to get physicians to over-prescribe. Today, antibiotic resistance takes over 100,000 lives a year just in the U.S. Some bacterium are mutating beyond the ability of medical science to catch up with new more powerful antibiotics to curb new antibiotic resistance bacterium.

For me this ‘lag time’ is yet another symptom of the danger of Centrists…..looking for short term gains and ignoring the long game that would provide more security for the people of this nation.

WE are suffering from society disintegration at this time…..

Social disintegration is the tendency for society to decline or disintegrate over time, perhaps due to the lapse or breakdown of traditional social support systems. In this context, “society” refers to the social orderwhich maintains a society, rather than the political order that defines its boundaries. Society in the sociological sense is not the same as a country.

I do not believe ‘centrism’ is the answer at all….just a cop-out and bowing to the cash from lobbyists….centrism is causing the “gap” and the “disintegration”….if this does not change the nation is looking at end times.

I Read, I Write, You Know

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4 thoughts on “The “Democracy Gap”

  1. Centrism is what allows the Far Right to flourish. With no viable Left-Wing opposition, it becomes easier for those on the right of any Centrist party to keep moving further to the right. Then you get Trump, and we end up with Boris!
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. We are well into our national decline .. in the pattern of ancient Rome and others. Our entire system and all its components are in tatters and blowing haphazardly in the winds of catastrophe.

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