Attack On DC

Over 200 years ago there was another attack on our nation’s Capitol….the War of 1812 DC was burned by the British soldiers…..and then came 06 January 2021…..

Since the Capitol was burned you would think that it would be known as the worse attack on our Capitol… would be mistaken…..

Former Maryland governor Martin O’Malley calls himself a history “aficionado,” and we’ve had several conversations about the relationship between history and current events. Recently we found ourselves discussing the War of 1812 because of a major similarity with the coup attempt of Jan. 6, 2021 — namely, a direct attack on the U.S. Capitol.

As O’Malley reflected on the events of Jan. 6, he became emotional. He was thinking about his mother, who worked for former Sen. Barbara Mikulski, a Maryland Democrat who was the longest-serving woman in congressional history, and knew, he said, “every nook and cranny” of the Capitol. She had instilled in her son a deep love of American history and America’s democratic institutions.

“As I was hearing reports about members of Congress barricading doors, huddling under desks and trying to be quiet — so the people outside in the mob wouldn’t know they were there and attack them or take their lives — I was reminded of the story of the Virginia militia who found themselves inside the Capitol building in 1814,” O’Malley said.

I agree….the events of 06 January was an attack but rabid Americans trying to undermine the government of the United States.

06 January will go down in history as the worse attack on American soil…..that is unless the Red States get their way and revision history in their favor.

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23 thoughts on “Attack On DC

  1. The lowlifes who attacked the Capitol were not Americans by any stretch of the imagination. They were misfits who have the good fortune to live in America …and the Right Wing will always write history to their own liking ….regardless of any easily disposed facts.

  2. I have no argument with what you say about Jan. 6th, but since the British torching of the building during the War of 1812, there has been numerous vicious attacks between Members, assassination attempts, and criminal attacks by individuals.

    1. But just because there have been many attacks is no reason to accept what happened on the 6th as some kind of new norm …It was not just “another day” — it was the day that showed America just how easy it would be for some group of insurrectionist rabble motivated by the ravings of some deranged loser to topple our government and replace it with some kind of tyranny. I just wish the military had come onto the scene and rounded up every last one of those idiots and shipped them all off to some remote and secure location where they would have been kept under lock and key until their court date came around … which, I hope would have been years!

      1. I agree, no problem as I told chug. I can’t understand the Capitol police not being prepared. Perhaps they’ve become too lackadaisical due to the few number of attacks in the past? When one officer did shoot his gun from behind a wall, he aimed at a woman trying to break in?

      2. Don’t know if he aimed at the woman or not — He just might have fired and she got in the way .. One thing is sure, she is not the hero that some people are making her out to be …And I don’t know if the police were lackadasical or if they were simply overwhelmed by the number of attackers — They certainly did not get any reinforcements for the longest time …

      3. If he shot randomly, he could have hit anyone, including another officer and that’s negligent homicide. I don’t care if she was a hero in the military or not – she was human.

      4. The whole bunch of insurrectionists were “Human” in the purely biological sense .. I have to agree .. But everyone of them acted like enraged gorillas on that fateful day and should have all been caged. If that idiot woman had stayed at home where she belonged she would still be alive today.

      5. Sorry to interject…but she and all wanted to be there and the consequences of stupidity cannot be avoided. chuq

      6. A great hate Dems site…..not one of those was an assault on the nation….but I still question the sources. chuq

      7. I admit that it was a speed read….I have limited time these due to family health issues….I will try to be more complete when I can. chuq

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