Idiocracy–The Movie

Closing Thought–23Jul21

8 Years ago I wrote about the direction of this country and compared it to a movie, Idiocracy….

A great movie several years ago. A piece of work by Mike Judge the creator of Beevis and Butthead and King Of The Hill….the movie is about an experiment by the military to put a soldier in hibernation and revive him a your later….well something went horribly wrong and he woke up 500 years in the future…and boy has everything changed!

It seems that intelligent people postponed having children and the morons multiplied like rats….needless to say the government was run by asshats with an IQ the same as their shoe size….it is totally screwed up!

A good cult movie….if you get the chance watch it and then compare the movie to what is happening today….it will scare you!


It looks like someone has drawn the same conclusion….a bit late….8 years late…..but g;ad to see that others see the prophetic power of this film…..

Are we living in the age of stupid? The era of the idiot? The answer of course is yes, with examples of monstrous moronicism everywhere – from climate deniers to the “plandemic” crowd who believe Covid-19 was cooked up in Bill Gates’ basement. On the other hand, human beings have always been illogical creatures. A better question is whether we are, as a species, becoming dumberer. If this is already the era of the idiot, what comes next?

An “Idiocracy”, according to film-maker Mike Judge. The Beavis and Butt-head, King of the Hill and Silicon Valley creator’s dystopian 2006 comedy (which he directed and co-wrote with Ethan Cohen) arrived with its own terminology to help us prepare for the upcoming reality TV special that we may call The Collapse of Reality Itself.

Suggesting that morons rather than nerds will inherit the earth, and that the results will be catastrophic, the film begins with a context-setting intro so real it hurts. Judge cuts between an intelligent adult couple discussing why they won’t be having children right now (“not with the market the way it is”) and a … less intelligent couple breeding like rabbits (“I thought youse was on the pill or some shit?”).

I recommend this movie for its content….and just see if you come away with a sense of doom for our future.

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6 thoughts on “Idiocracy–The Movie

  1. I made my daughters watch it a couple of years ago, as I came to the same conclusion that you had…….we are rapidly approaching peak idiocracy in this nation.

    My daughters were horrified at the film comparison to why they’re seeing everyday.

    1. Like I said all those years ago….very prophetic… granddaughter was amazed that these guys could see into the future….chuq

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