Toyota Shuts Down Donations

Toyota seems to be taking the protests against them for supporting the insurrection of 06 January….

Toyota has reversed itself and now says its political action committee will no longer contribute to the Republican legislators who voted against certifying Joe Biden’s presidential election victory.

The move by the Japanese automaker comes after a social media backlash over the contributions, including threats to stop buying the company’s vehicles.

“We understand that the PAC decision to support select members of Congress who contested the results troubled some stakeholders,” Toyota said in a statement Thursday. “We are actively listening to our stakeholders, and at this time, have decided to stop contributing to those members of Congress who contested the certification of certain states in the 2020 election.”

Axios reported that Toyota led companies in donations to the 147 members of Congress who voted in January against certifying election results on the false grounds that the election was stolen from then-President Donald Trump.

I say well done!

On the other hand is this a serious move or is it just a way to quell some of the blowback from their buying of political figures?

How many other corporations will follow suit?

So far I have heard nothing but crickets from others….

Time to eliminate the cash from corporations to buy individual representatives.

If we want to eliminate corruption at the highest levels then eliminate the cash flow.

I wrote about this earlier…..

Why bother… long as the profit rolls in and the politicians are owned it matters not what the people of this country want.

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8 thoughts on “Toyota Shuts Down Donations

  1. It is most likely a combination of hushing the crowds and trying to do the right thing. Let’s just see how long it lasts considering so many politicians are content to let January 6th disappear into the cosmos.

  2. It may just be a symbolic gesture, but…when it comes to corporations, fear of losing money may be the only way to motivate them to do anything. I’m certainly not going to expect them to care about morality or ethics….

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