SCOTUS–This Is What We Get

One of the more recent opinion offered by the Supreme Court was one that upheld the attempts to suppress the vote (at least in Arizona)……and as usual since I am an opinionated SOB I had something to say on this ruling……

Like I stated…this is what we get when we allow an agenda group like the Federalist Society pick our judges.
To explain the damage that this situation can implement….

In many ways, the recently completed Supreme Court term was our first comprehensive look at one of the most consequential legacies of the Trump presidency: his imprint on the court. 

Understanding the full impact of former President Donald Trump’s 6-3 conservative supermajority is challenging at this point, though. On the one hand, this term saw the highest share of unanimous rulings in the last three years. On the other hand, the court’s last two major rulings broke down along 6-3 ideological lines. But that seeming inconsistency may have more to do with divisions among the court’s conservatives over how fast to move — not in what direction. Make no mistake, the court is moving in a conservative direction, and the conservative justices are in the driver’s seat.

The Supreme Court’s Conservative Supermajority Is Just Beginning To Flex Its Muscles

The damage that these conservative ideologues can do is almost incalculable….

“The harmful rulings coming out of this court make it critical that Congress pass legislation to protect voting rights and shore up our democracy,” Jealous added. “We also have to build a strategy to reinforce the importance of fair courts and fair-minded judges, so we can counter the decadeslong efforts by the far right to pack our courts, including our Supreme Court, with ultraconservative judges.”

PFAW’s analysis came just a day after a pair of 6-3 SCOTUS rulings on Arizona’s voting restrictions and California’s dark money disclosure rules that led Senate Majority Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) to dub Thursday “one of the darkest days in all of the Supreme Court’s history.”

Since the Supreme Court is suppose to be the highest authority in the land for the interpretation of the Constitution and law….what could be next in the fight against this voter suppression attempts?

The decision, though, was a blow to those who believe voting access is more important than rooting out fraud — and that’s most Americans, the latest NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll found. Fifty-six percent said making sure that everyone who wants to vote can do so is a bigger concern than making sure that no one who is ineligible votes.

“It very much narrows the path of challenging these many, many voter obstacles that states are instituting across the country,” Debo Adegbile, an anti-discrimination attorney, told NPR’s Nina Totenberg.

I say screw SCOTUS!

The fight must go on and using whatever legal tactic one can imagine.

Every American old enough to vote should have easy access to the machinations of voting…..this country should be doing everything possible to see that we all have the right and the easy access to the polls.

Stand for liberty or sit down and STFU!

Turn The Page!

I Read, I Write, You Know

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30 thoughts on “SCOTUS–This Is What We Get

  1. SCOTUS justices should have the same mandatory retirement age as everyone else, no matter how old they were when appointed

  2. Everybody knows what is happening to the constitution because of the Trump Court but nobody seems to know what to do about it and when they think they have an idea of what to do about it they either lack the resources or the people to do anything … so it is rotten … it is getting more rotten and it will always get more rotten because that is the mechanics of a failing nation …Our light is fading and there are no more standard bearers out there who are not impervious to the rewards of an ever more corrupt Washington. There are no more Mr. Smiths left to go to Washington.

    1. Mr. Smith died with the stupid ‘filibuster rule’ needing 60…..the nation is in for a long spell of rights violations by the SCOTUS…..chuq

  3. Democracy … a word not found in either the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution of the US! Bunk on democracy! The founders established a Republic of autonomous States. Ya don’t like the corrupt lobbies introducing bills to bought and paid for Congress persons? States Rights Washington Bites, together with their effeminate liberals.

    Restore States Rights with the institution of a simple law. No Federal Congress person or Senator can introduce a bill to Congress that before those Federal appointed public servants receive any and all bills presented before Congress from their State legislators. Put the Federal Congress people on a tight leash. That would effectively terminate the corrupt lobbies which have poisoned Washington since before WW2.

      1. Utter narishkeit. The notion that democracy has made itself indispensable. During the Trump years the DemoRATS under Pelosi detested “democracy” which elected Trump over Hill Billery Claptrap.

      2. The only “cop out” your ignorance of the founding fathers. Specifically the Jefferson and Hamilton political rivalry.

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