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Oh joy!  Since I live just north of a hurricane I am always watching the weather come 01  June….and now we have our first storm in the Caribbean, Elsa…..

Florida may soon feel the wrath of Elsa—and it’s going to be windy, not icy. Hurricane Elsa, which was preceded by Tropical Storms Ana, Bill, Claudette, and Danny, is the first hurricane of the 2021 Atlantic hurricane season and the earliest E-named storm on record, reports AccuWeather. The previous record was held by Tropical Storm Eduardo, which formed on July 6 last year. Elsa lashed the eastern Caribbean with heavy rain and winds early Friday and it is on a course that could bring it to Florida early Tuesday, the AP reports.

The storm hit Barbados early Friday, and a hurricane watch is in place for islands including St. Vincent, where many people are still in shelters after volcanic eruptions earlier this year. The National Hurricane Center says tropical storm conditions are expected in Haiti and the Dominican Republic Saturday. The center says there is a risk of storm surge and other conditions in Florida early next week, but the “forecast uncertainty remains larger than usual due to Elsa’s potential interactions with the Greater Antilles this weekend.”

Florida does not need any more bad news….

Now for the actual news that you may be able to use…..

Covid is still making news….less than half of the nation’s population is fully vaccinated…..I can say here that I am one of those that has had the full course…….

There is always bad news about the virus in the MSM…..but once in awhile there is good news….and this is one of those rare reports.

Anyone who received a double dose of either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines may not need a booster shot anytime soon. A new study in Nature suggests that the mRNA vaccines provide years of protection—maybe even a lifetime of it, reports the New York Times. One big caveat: The virus is ever-evolving, and a significant new variation could make boosters necessary. The peer-reviewed study did not explicitly address the new Delta strain, which is thought to be particularly contagious, notes Forbes. Nor did the sample study include anyone who received the single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine, though lead researcher Dr. Ali Ellebedy of Washington University in St. Louis says the J&J immune response would likely be less robust over the long run. But on the mRNA vaccines, the news is better.

“It’s a good sign for how durable our immunity is from this vaccine,” says Ellebedy. The study buttresses earlier research suggesting that people who recovered from COVID retained protection for nearly a year, notes Fox News. The new study set out to see if the vaccines could provide similar protection, and certain cells found in recipients’ lymph nodes suggest they do. As for the worrisome variants, a University of Washington immunologist in Seattle has a counter to that based on the research. “Everyone always focuses on the virus evolving—this is showing that the B cells are doing the same thing,” Marion Pepper tells the Times. “And it’s going to be protective against ongoing evolution of the virus, which is really encouraging.”

Read more–

Makes me smile since I was given the Moderna vaccine…..I was not looking forward to a booster ever so often…..

There are a few things that need to be reported around the virus….

New, varied medical issues are plaguing hundreds of thousands of people who contracted COVID-19, even those who didn’t become ill from the coronavirus, a study has found. The study, the most comprehensive of its kind, examined the insurance records of almost 2 million US patients who caught the virus in 2020, the New York Times reports. The findings mean the nation’s health care system, as well as COVID patients, will have to adapt to the disease’s lasting effects, experts cautioned. The study was conducted by FAIR Health, a nonprofit. The report said:

  • The conditions people most often sought treatment for are pain, often in nerves and muscles; breathing problems; high cholesterol; and high blood pressure.
  • 5% of patients, more than a fifth of those who reported post-COVID problems, had new pain.
  • Breathing problems accounted for 3.5% of the reports.
  • Malaise and fatigue, which can include the brain fog that patients with long COVID have reported, affected almost 3% of the patients.
  • Those in their 40s and 50s, especially, reported high cholesterol and high blood pressure.
  • More than half of the 2 million people who’d had COVID-19 had no symptoms, while 40% had symptoms but didn’t need to be hospitalized.

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14 thoughts on “Saturday Covid News

  1. Half of the population being vaccinated is not enough. No doubt you can expect to see a big spike in infections there after the 4th of July celebrations. I hope you escape contact with that hurricane, chuq.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Most people these days from the 40’s on up have high blood pressure. 😏 … and after the confinement of the pandemic, have high cholesterol.

  3. Let me write it with a little sarcasm: It would be nice, if our politicans, please at least some of them, would also evolve a little bit faster, in fighting against so many problems. 😉 Have a beautiful weekend, Chuq! Also the Pirates of the Carribean would not have a nice life, today. xx Michael

  4. I hope the storm weakens and you are spared the brunt of it. I have family in Florida, too. Everyone in my family of the eligible age received Moderna or Pfizer thank goodness.

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