A Cautionary Tale

This is a cautionary tale for all those cancer survivors that had radiation treatment after their surgery.

I needed to consult with my better half, Sue before writing this post because there is some personal information enclosed that I wanted to clear with her before writing.

We talked it over and she gave me the all clear to include the info as I saw fit.

About six years ago Sue was diagnosed with breast cancer….a lump was discovered in her breast and after consultation with her oncologist it was advised to have it removed .

The surgery was a success…they got the limp and some other lymph nodes to be sure that had removed all the cancer.

The follow-ups were encouraging and she was given massive radiation treatments to be sure that it would not return to haunt her.

After a couple of months of treatment all seemed good and she was cancer free.

All in all great news.

After 5 years of regular visits with her doctor and still in remission she developed a bruise on her right breast.

We thought nothing of it since her medications made it easy for her to bruise….after a month of the bruise getting no better and it was starting to spread she went to her oncologist……simply because it was the same breast that the cancer was removed.

They gave her a couple of mammograms that showed nothing to worry about….but the bruise kept growing and eventually became an open sore.

She returned to the doctor and they told her that she needed to get an appointment with a dermatologist.

Which she straight away…..the dermatologist looked the area and had no idea what was causing it…..so she took a sample and had it sent off for analysis.

After ten days Sue was called back to the office and was told that it was an angina-sacoma….an aggressive and rare form of skin cancer.

Once that diagnosis was made it was back to her oncologist.

After meeting with her doctor she was told that they could not treat her here so she would have to go to a cancer specialist in Houston.

She made her appointment and off she went……she arrived there after about $1500 out of pocket to her the consultations from specialists.

After two days of idle waiting she got to see the doctor……they consulted with her after reviewing her test results and after running a few of their own…..she was cocktail to be administered for 8 weeks then she must return to Houston for more tests.

She began the treatment 3 weeks ago and the bruised area was starting to dissipate….which is good news….but not great news.

We will know more about the treatment and surgery after her next Houston visit.

After her visit to Houston and a extensive chemo program her cancer has not progressed any further…..and now she will return to Houston for surgery.

Sue is handling her diagnosis better than me….she is so strong and level headed…..

After writing this draft we got word that Sue has 3 more chemo sessions and then in July the trip to Houston for the surgery.

This is a cautionary tale because….after her lump removal and her subsequent radiation treatment may have caused this skin cancer.

If you have had radiation treatments have cancer surgery please keep a close eye on your body…if you get a bruise that will not go away and is spreading please run to your oncologist immediately and ask them to check for this rare form of skin cancer.

Please talk to your doctor about this possibility…..like I said it is an aggressive form of skin cancer and is very very dangerous.

Appears that the radiation treatment in some cases can be more aggressive than the original removal.

Please be watchful!

Do not let it go unchecked!

Please make an appointment with your doctor if you notice anything unusual

Be Well…..Be Safe…..


22 thoughts on “A Cautionary Tale

  1. Sending positive thoughts for Sue, and thanks for her allowing you to tell her story and give this much-needed warning.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Thanks so much Chuq for the warning you and Sue decided to share. My very best wishes To Sue with any further treatment she is still due. I hope she will b home with you on a permanent basis soon and will be completely well again.
    Huge Hugs

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  4. Oh…I am so sorry. We think we are out of danger and then boom, we’re right back in the thick of it. I came out of my first brain surgery, a craniotomy (would not recommend), after navigating the horrors of Sub-arachnoid hemorhage and the indignities of the brain surgery, my regular doctor looked down at me and said, “You’re loosing your hair.” Turned out to be thyroid cancer. That was 90’s..broke my back and a lot of ribs this year, it is likely it’s parathyroid cancer. Sometimes God, fate, the world…the whole surreal mess..just goes too far. Somewhere I imagine cackling coming from a chess player who is just ravaging the board of my life.

    1. Argh…I hit post too soon. My point is..there is no point. I see you. I see your wife. I see the horrible freak carnival ride she has been set on against her will. It’s an indignity and I wish we could slap back. Nothing to do but go through it and the best we can do she has done…she has warned others. Thank her. 🙂

      1. Odd..but your wife’s story helps a bit when I’m all up in my, “Are you kidding me?! Go kick someone else!” corner.

  5. I am so sorry to hear, chuq. Far too many folks go through this kind of thing. Seven years ago I noticed one of the many skin growths I am prone to having begin to bleed. I had that melanoma removed.. surrounding lymph nodes showed clear after surgery. All clear since. I dodged a bullet through early detection. Doc said the damn thing could have been the result of a teenage sunburn.. we just never know.
    Two days ago, while visiting a buddy in Phoenix, I got out of bed and became dizzy like I never felt before. Honestly.. given my age and Type II, I rather thought “This is where it all starts.”.. stroke time. A trip to the E.R. turned out being some damn thing called Positional Vertigo… something jostled around in the inner ear from age.
    That same buddy (we are two days apart in age).. over the last three years has had his prostate removed and a kidney to control his cancer… so far, so good for him. He’s planning on going after an Agent Orange claim.
    My point is not to compare the degree of ailments but rather to suggest that the insane randomness of it all we can never predict and we are all, in the end, subject to whatever our crazy genetic code has in store for us. Your wife is fighting hard, I am sure. I do wish her well… and get back to a quality of life very soon. I wish you well too, old buddy…. just plain hang in there. Maybe we learn a little from each other. I’ll be paying special attention to bruises now since my Viking genes prefer the Northern Lights to the sunny tropics.

  6. This is the second post I have read about the damage radiation can do, often a long time afterwards, which is doubly unfair. I am showing signs of lung damage after my cancer treatment, and so wish I hadn’t had the radiation…

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