Those Battlefield Blunders

As I checked my comments this morning I got an ‘atta boy” from Word Press……

You’ve posted 210 days in a row on In Saner Thought! Keep up the good work.

WP needs to check their stats a bit closer….I have posted at least one post for the last 10 years…..back in 2011 WP had a challenge for bloggers to post at least once a day…..I stared then doing so and have continued for a decade… their stats are wrong.

Now for a Saturday history lesson…..

Every war has its blunders…..wrong decisions by leadership, bad planning, and just stupidity……but there are a few that were monumental….monumental in the sense of disastrous.

Imagine how much longer and bloodier World War II might have been had Admiral Yamamoto not filled the decks of his vulnerable carriers at Midway with fully fueled airplanes awaiting ordnance. What if Hitler, despite his anger at the bombing of Berlin, hadn’t switched tactics from downing Spitfires to uselessly attacking London?

Battlefield blunders can be as decisive as brilliant tactics, whether they suddenly advance tribal factions toward nationhood, punish a proud military unaccustomed to losing or temporarily swing the balance of power in an utterly unexpected direction.

That said, following are five losers who might have wished for a do-over.

The Worst Battlefield Blunders: Five Battles That Ended Badly

For once I agree with the choices…..Gallipoli, Little Big Horn and Dien Bien Phu…..

Dien Bien Phu should have been a warning to the US about involvement in Vietnam….Giap was a genius in the planning and the French were arrogant and completely clueless of their enemy.

Do you have any others that were left off this list?

Be Smart!

Learn Stuff!

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12 thoughts on “Those Battlefield Blunders

  1. All of World War 1 as all the seasoned and aging arrogant and ignorant commanders were fighting a 20th century war with 19 century concepts, forgetting about battlefield technology and slaughtering for no good reason… and then that whole mess ended up creating World War 2. But hey.. Armistice Day became Veterans Day.. right? Put another hot dog on the barby!

  2. “Battlefield blunders”

    For the civilian population it doesn’t matter what it is. They are the ones that will suffer.
    In general it’s battles, strategies etc.

    My parents were young adults during WWII. They lived, as I still do, in a city in the south-east of the country, near the German border, about 10 km.
    Their story is gruesome, living in fear because my hometown ended up being in the frontline for months, bombed, shelled, the men in hiding to escape forced labour in Germany.

    It’s so much that had happened, with lasting effects for my parents especially my father.

    So for me, battles are military actions.

    The civilian population is collectural damage in the sideline of military battles.

      1. Clausewitz suggested that “War is a continuation of politics by other means.” I might submit that winning a war is all about one side reaching a limit in the ability to absorb the death and destruction delivered by the other side… and far less about one side being able to deliver the most death and destruction to the other. Killing someone requires less skill than avoiding being killed.

  3. It’s a good list, especially Fredericksburg. Handled correctly, the Federals could have won the battle, and ended the Civil War in 1862.
    Others? Napoleon should never have fought at Waterloo. Wellngton chose the ground, and knew the Prussians were coming to his aid.
    Queen Boudicca of Britain should never have fought the Roman legions of Paulinus in open country a long way from her power-base. Her best option would have been a guerilla war that wore them down.
    Agincourt. The French should never have used heavy cavalry in a frontal assault along a narrow front on muddy ground. A disaster waiting to happen. And it was for them.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Ill-conceived battles…..Romans at Cannae…Romans at Teutoburg….Muslims invade France at Tours comes to mind…..chuq

  4. Any battle that ends with the loss of American life ends badly regardless of who is declared the winner.

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