Heroes To The Left….Heroes To The Right

Memorial Day weekend and we here in the US celebrate the ‘heroes’ that gave their all for their country….

We all have our idea of who were the heroes this country should celebrate….some are not as heroic as you might think and then there are heroes that you probably never heard of at any time….

The label ‘hero’ is overused these days….

And there is where I pick up the meat of this post…..

We begin this lesson on heroics with Hugh Thompson…..

Hugh Clowers Thompson, Jr. (1943 – 2006), was part Cherokee, descended from survivors of the Trail of Tears. Raised in Georgia, Thompson was a Boy Scout from a religious family whose children were taught discipline and integrity. In their corner of the segregated South, the Thompsons stood out for their opposition to racism, and for standing up for and helping people of color. In his youth, Thompson, Jr., helped his family make ends meet by plowing fields and working in a funeral home, before he joined the US Navy in 1961. He was honorably discharged in 1964, returned to Georgia, studied to become a licensed funeral home director, and settled in to raise a family.

When the Vietnam War heated up, Thompson felt obligated to serve his country, and enlisted in the US Army in 1966. He was trained as a helicopter pilot, and was sent to Vietnam. On March 16th, 1968, Thompson flew an OH-23 Raven observation helicopter in support of a search-and-destroy operation near Son My when he realized that a massacre was taking place below. He landed and tried to get some soldiers to help wounded civilians, but they offered to finish them off, instead. Their commanding officer, a Lieutenant William Calley, brushed Thompson off. So he took off in his helicopter, frantically radioed the chain that a massacre was taking place, and set about saving as many people as he could.

Heroic People Who Deserve to be Way More Famous

Please read about these people and you decide if they are heroes.

Be Smart!

Learn Stuff!

Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend…..

Class dismissed!

I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”


35 thoughts on “Heroes To The Left….Heroes To The Right

  1. I agree with you about who the heroes are. What bugs me the most is all those people standing on platforms at Memorial Day Services telling us that we will forever remember the sacrifices made by our heroes and then for the rest of the year no mention is made of any of them. I believe that in all reality those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms in long ago wars have truly been forgotten and the only memory that remains is a tombstone somewhere or a record or photo lost in some dusty attic. I doubt that if you ask anyone on the street who these heroes were, nobody could name any of them at all … or in some rare instances, maybe a few.

  2. 19th Century Anarchism, like its Communist cousin, struggled with the impact of the Industrial revolution upon Western societies in the wake of the General European War, also referred to by historians as the Napoleonic Wars.  All branches of Socialism sought to enfranchise the common working man.  Similar to the later suffrage of women’s rights, and still later the opposition to the Jim Crow racial laws led by Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X.

    Political movements of enfranchisement require close comparison to other enfrancise revolts which opposed the existing status quo.  The Aparheid situation in South Africa immediately comes to mind.  A critical flaw in political science studies, a strong tendency to view Socialism – in all its many branches – divorced from all enfranchisement revolts in human history before and after.   Such an obvious error in judgment comes under and ultimately defines political reactionarism and irrational mob violence.

    Reactionary commentators who have but a shallow understanding of political science attempt to define Anarchism as: the absence of domination of the State; the freedom of the individual; the struggle to secure freedom, framed in the context of social solidarity, sharing, and cooperative labor among the proletariat class.  This simple and shallow definition fails to address the failure of vertical Courtroom justice systems whereby the State employs and pays the salary of the Judges, prosecuting attorneys, and police.  All the voluminous books and discussions on Socialism universally fail to address the inherent corruption of vertical courtroom systems of justice.
    The inherit corruption of this type of legal system, by its very nature this type of vertical Court systems protect the interests, and wealth of the rich and powerful with extreme prejudice, and crushes the common man with disproportionate gulag prison incarcerations.  The prophets of the T’NaCH denounced this form of legalized oppression and slavery of the poor the weak, specifically the widows and orphans.

    The story of the liberation of Israel from Egyptian slavery, it teaches a mussar יסודי that with freedom comes responsibility for both decisions and actions taken.  A primary mussar theme that expresses itself throughout Torat Moshe.  Freedom comes at a heavy price, free men must take and accept responsibility for their actions, especially when they impact the lives of other free persons.  Anarchism by contrast prizes individualism.  Alas man does not live in a vacuum.  Individual man has the freedom to swing his fist till it reaches the tip of some other persons’ nose.  From there on, freedom must balance with the equally important obligation: compensation for damages others suffer due to decisions and actions taken by a person who has freedom.  Simply put, human society requires justice, equal and on par with the need for freedom. 

    This most basic and fundamental requirement which all free people must have, the means to confront the opposing interests and persons whose skewed actions and behavior has caused others to endure suffering, shame, or damages.  Freedom without the responsibility to uphold and maintain a fair and righteous judicial system, produces tyranny, oppression, and ultimately Civil War.  The Torah, as the Constitutional יסוד upon which the Israeli Republic stands, its mussar of awareness of the finger of HaShem in and through the lives of the brit Cohen nation, it has no visions for international world order, and even less so for some abstract UN world governance.  Freedom and Justice both thrive on a local domestic front.  When foreign nations impose laws upon peoples of other nations, this abomination defines tyranny.   The examples set by the European empires in the 17th, 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries forever defiles, and disgraces the dignity of man.

    Justice does not depend upon the constraints of religious morality nor the constraints of egoism, self interest concerns and/or prejudices.  Free Man has an obligation to compensate others for the consequences of damages, resultant of decisions or actions taken which adversely impact the lives of others.  The purpose of lateral common law courts, they serve as the perpetual means which equals the playing field.  Based upon freedom, that a free people takes responsibility for their decisions and actions which affect the lives of others.

    Justice does not debate the merits or demerits of this economic system or that economic system.  Justice does not weigh in its scales any concept of Class struggle.  Justice seeks to uphold and protect the dignity of ‘free man’.  Intellectual notions of economics do not fall within the sphere of justice.  Rather: matters of damages inflicted upon others, damages define the scope of justice – fair compensations.  Man has the universal designation of guilt, and has the obligation to compensate all other free people whose lives – the decisions and actions taken by an individual or a group – these affected others require compensation for damages, sorrows, humiliation, and pain they experienced or endured.

    1. This is a post on anarchy…..I do not need a history lesson….please comment if you have something to add…..Jewish ancient history does not fit the post….chuq

      1. This response to your post has nothing to do with history. The problems of Freedom and Justice have troubled my people just as they did the Socialist leaders of the 19th and 20th Centuries.

      2. Have brought the classic definitions by anarchist thinkers. What frustrates you? Simply do not understand. chuq

      3. This post is not about anarchists…..it is about war….it is not rocket science….at least it should not be. chuq

      4. What? You have never read the political tractates written by Anarchists? The central pillar of their ideology stands upon Freedom. Duh.

  3. A feeble attempt to disprove the writings of Marx and Max Stirner, Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, Michael Bakunin, and Peter Kropotkin.

      1. Sorry can not define an indefinite term by repeating the same identical term. This compares to saying blue is blue to a blind man. HaHaHa

      2. The only humor here is you….are you blind? Time for this to end until we get back to the thought behind this post….something you do not grasp….good day chuq

  4. The posting addresses the issues raised by Anarchists, specifically freedom in the shadow of Justice. This has nothing what so ever to do with ancient Jewish history. It addresses a definition of the term “Justice”. Being Jewish naturally I rely upon the wisdom of my people. That my people have lived for thousands upon thousands of years – utterly irrelevant to the addressed issues of Freedom understood in the shadow of Justice.

    1. Again this is a post about forgotten heroes….if you want o add to it then do so….it is not a philosophical debate. chuq

      1. The leaders who shaped and developed the Anarchist/Social Revolutionary movement (in Russia), they do not qualify as forgotten heroes?

      2. Day and Night separates between talking “about” a subject vs. talking “through” a subject. My post which has offended you, it talks “through” the subject of “forgotten heroes”.

      3. The forgotten heroes of the late 19th century Anarchist movement focused upon Freedom! Freedom represents a key plank in their political ideology. It has nothing what so ever to do with philosophy and every thing to do with continuing their political discussion. Continuing their political discussion/ideology – that how ya remember these heroes!

      4. You still try to educate me and there is no need….again do you not understand it is a post about war? chuq

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