It Is All Too Damn Depressing

Happy Mother’s Day for the mothers out there.

Sorry to say I was awoken 0100  and it continued all night by cats fighting…it went on for hours….so I am not in the best mood to start my day.

First let me say that I am just thinking out loud.

I am tired!  And I am old!

The news seems to be on an endless loop or Covid, the Trial of the century, an the selling of war…..and some dude in Russia.  When we should be laser focused on the attempts to suppress voters in all forms……the MSM should spend as much time on the suppression as they spend on the jabs…and then there is the analysis of the Chauvin trial…..glad he got what he deserved the verdict will change little….there are about 18,000 police departments and all play their different game….there is NO standardization anywhere… will not change the culture.

Things are slow here on IST…..seems no one gives a sh*t about the world around them….which is why we find ourselves knee deep in manure.

The lack of knowledge/interest in Civics is killing this country…few seem to actually care about the nation and its direction….lots of bitching and moaning but that is as far as it goes….words.

It seems that few care.

I blame the media for they pick what they want as news and feed the viewer mundane, mind numbing manure….nothing that would help solve the culture of ignorance.

Since things are so slow I decided to slow myself down as well.

First my recent poetry posts prove that no one cares about those thoughts from me….they failed before and it failed once again….so that shall be the last attempt I will make to try and find something other than the crappy news.

Moving on.

I have come to the point where it is difficult to write observations of this country.

All the silliness of the culture war….the abortion, bathrooms, party stupidity, the Senate, the shootings, the idiocy of insurrection, guns and the lot.

While Americans are going hungry and homeless and health issues, etc…..instead of caring about our fellow Americans people we are laser focused of voter suppression and division.

Instead of caring about the direction of this country……we are laser focused on pimple popping doctors and fashion tips and photos and those damn food blogs…..and you wonder why this country is going to a manure pile….this should be your first clue.

Mind numbing and dumbing down the populace.

I wish I could say ‘this too will pass’….but I am not so sure that is accurate in my lifetime.

Party politics have become the norm and while that stupidity plays out Americans are losing their homes, their children are hungry and dying from health issues….when did this country become so unfeeling?

For me it started with the election of Ronnie in 1980 and it has progressively gotten worse and that brings us to today… unfeeling lump of manure.

I wrote and lectured through the 70s, 80s and into the early 90s….and there were deaf ears all around….so I decided in 1994 to give up trying to educate and inform the people of this country….I became disgusted and it was all too depressing.

I stepped back from all this political nonsense…that is until 2006 while recovering from a badly broken leg thanx in part of Hurricane Katrina and while rehab I decided to try once again to help people grasp the country and its direction and once again I get more response from my canine companion MoMo….at least she shows some form of interest…..while the country at large could care f*cking less.

NO I am not giving up the work….just that the American people need to wake up and smell the manure all around them.

There are times that I feel as useful as an ashtray on a motor bike.

But sadly Americans do not give a sh*t.

They had prefer the mind numbing BS of bathroom usage and trying to push an agenda that means nothing to move this country forward….and the American people suck up the manure with glee.

I wish I could be more optimistic….but the trend does not lead me in that direction.

I will continue my efforts but it gets harder and harder by the day… old age takes control I feel that one day I will just throw my hands up and yell”F*ck it!”  Why bother?

My grandfather use to say….”when you teach pigs to sing two things will happen… waste your time and piss off the pig”.

This is not about stats…..more about public apathy…..I always knew that I was not writing for everyone so I never expected 50 readers a day….so far I am not disappointed.

Since I do not write about rainbows and unicorns or post an endless array of food photos or write fiction….I have decided that there are books to read, time with my better half, my best friend MoMo and a garden that needs attention I will limit my posts until such time as some modicum of interest returns.

It’s All Too Damn Depressing!

After years of trying to moderate my political thinking all this apathy has made me return to the Hard Left thinking that I held in my youth.

To all those that take the time to visit IST…I cannot thank you enough….please know that you are appreciated and you have helped me through retirement and old age….and of course I will still visit the sites of friends…I am just stepping back nor leaving.

I am sorry if I offended anyone that is not my intention…..I am very happy for anyone that is successful and I wish you continued success.

Frustrated and just thinking out loud.

Be Well…..Be Safe…..Smile

Turn The Page!

I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”

12 thoughts on “It Is All Too Damn Depressing

  1. Time to lighten up, old buddy. You and the better half need to take a vacation.. long, short.. doesn’t matter. Maybe hit the road on a few road trips. There are way more important things going on in the world than the keyboard in front of you. Just because we’ve reached the age of being old and wise sages doesn’t mean one bit that anyone is gonna listen… or to the greater point, no one outside of family gives a damn… nor should they. Life is what life is… and none of us are gonna change it. We’ve just experienced what likely has been (and maybe more residual effects are yet to come) the most tumultuous time over the last five years… with having the worst President in history, worse than anyone could have ever imagined.. to a death-dealing pandemic. We survived it all… so far. But you see, it ain’t about all that. Get the hell outta Dodge for a while. I’ve been wanting to take another trip to D.C. (last time was when Clinton was running the show).. see some of the old battlefields… take my lady to Charleston to see the beauty of the old plantations… see some national history. I spent a fair amount of time in New Orleans while stationed at Keesler.. ended up taking my future wife there for a honeymoon. History is everywhere there… and you living in Biloxi know about Jeff Davis’ home. I’ve since divorced but I have been wanting to show my current lady how cool the Gulf Coast is.. so that trip for me is looming on some horizon. Oddly, for all the travels I’ve had domestically I’ve never been to the Pacific Northwest.
    I think you get my whole point here, chuq… we ain’t gonna change the world so with the days left we might take advantage of the more important things… before we end up in a wheel chair admiring grass growing.

    There… that’s my rah-rah to help you past the pity party (of which WE ALL have to have at one time or another). 🙂 Your blog serves your hobby well… and if 50 people are reading consistently, that means there’s 50 people out there who appreciate your existence. Well, at least your writing. 🙂

    1. I feel it is my duty to try and effect change……time away from keyboard is possible but the vacation thing is out…..I appreciate the kind words…..I am sure my disillusionment will pass with the next crisis. chuq

  2. I truly enjoy your blog chuq, even if I don’t comment on every post. I know there’s more that we agree on than not, but there are plenty of things that you’ve given me food for thought. As much as I love your political posts, I also enjoy your historical ones. All that said, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with taking a step back and refreshing yourself. Selfishly speaking though, I hope you don’t quit all together because I truly do enjoy your posts.🤗

    1. Not to worry my mind and principles will never let me quit…..I appreciate your kind words …..I will still be around commenting and such…..chuq

  3. My dear friend … I can say that you have hit almost every point that comes to mind. I wasn’t born in the USA, I’m from Puerto Rico (the territory – LOL) … I was raise in the American way of life. My dream, since I can remember, was always to live here. I managed to make that dream come true in 1999 … never was really ‘politically savy’ until 2016 (my bad) … I even started learning about the ‘real’ history of my country after moving to FloriDUH!! (my bad again) … guess retirement does that to you – all that free time.
    Sad to say that it’s been an eye-opening experience and deeply sadeening to really see the mighty US of A!!
    I wasn’t even aware of political details and sehanningans during Obama, onyl a bit of the ‘tea party’ thing … another bad on my part!! Yet after 2016 … it all hit the fan. What a disappointment … and sadlt,I don’t think it’s gonna get any better. I turned 70 last July … I’m not optomistic I’ll see a positive change in my lifetime!! 😦 … you take care, dear friend!!

    1. Thank you for the kind thoughts….I will still be posting and commenting but not as liberally as in the past….have a wonderful day…be well….be safe…..chuq

  4. I can identify with a bad day, even a bad week. You take the time you need.
    Don’t know if you saw it over there, but Boris and his cronies just had a huge victory in local elections here. despite the sleaze, the wasted billions, and the exposure of fraud and bribery, the morons still voted in Boris’s party in record numbers. That’s pretty depressing for someone like me.
    The nationalists did well in Scotland, so now they want another try at Independence so they can rejoin the EU. It’s falling apart, all over.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  5. Hey howdy

    I haven’t read squat in so long (so determined to garden, plant trees, and fix up bird baths while the weather was absolutely scrumptious). Now that we’re getting into the sticky heat of May, I’m back inside for most of the day with occasional forays out. I don’t think I’ve seen the news in weeks, so I’m way behind catching up on current events or anything.

    I’m trying to get back into the swing of things and pay attention. Admittedly, I had brain drain after the relief of the election going one way vs. another and had to clean out the brainpan. But since Hair Fuhrer still has rabid supporters and won’t budge from where they are (and I’m seeing and hearing it more and more), I’m getting back into the swing of trying to inform myself.

    I’ll be reading more often now that my big outdoor projects are out of the way. Take a breather and enjoy the day as best you can, holiday crap or not. And we’ll see ya tomorrow and onward. Be well.

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