Looking to 2022

Next year, 2022, will tell the tale…..will the voter truly be turned off by the events of 2021 or will they look at those situations as something to continue with the elections and re-election of enablers.

Now that Biden is entrenched it the seat of power I need to look to the mid-terms in 2022.

I know it is early in the process but I want to give a few thoughts before the rush begins.

2022 elections could be a massacre for Dems if they keep playing it “safe” with their approach to governing…..something they exceed at doing…..they go small and in the end have little to show for their efforts.

The House has a small majority for the Dems and that may not bode well for them to keep the majority in 2022.

The GOP will spread lies…..no let’s call it what it is…..manure……and about 47% of the American people will believe the lies….so to me 2022 is not looking too good for the people of this nation.

I think they will lose control of the House if they do not pursue and get the minimum wage increase….and I am not alone…..

After the Democrats in the House approved a far-reaching Covid-19 relief package early Saturday with all but two members of the caucus on board, progressive anger and despair escalated over the Biden administration’s refusal thus far to make sure the $15 minimum wage increase remains in the bill as it heads to the U.S. Senate.

As journalist David Sirota, founder of The Daily Poster and former staffer for the 2020 Bernie Sanders presidential campaign, put it on Saturday: “If you were writing a Dickensian novel, it would be about millions of desperately poor people being promised a $15 starvation wage, and then watching their millionaire senators tell them that a parliamentary adviser in the palace said no.”

While Biden and his administration have made clear they will not move to use Harris’ authority as presiding officer of the Senate to disregard or overrule the Parliamentarian’s determination, the anger on the progressive left—both inside and outside of Congress—has only grown since Thursday.


Plus the GOP is working hard to suppress the vote in 43 of the 50 states.  If they succeed then many people will be eliminated from voting and that plays into the GOP win.

The more I watch our spineless Congress do their ‘work’ (a questionable term) I am more and more convinced that 2022 will be the end of a Dem majority in the House.

There is lots of ideas but yet their are members of caucus that have NO spine or consideration for the people they supposedly serve.

Unless they get their sh*t together they will go down in in a flaming defeat in 2022.

Do your part and make these worthless toads do something for the people and stop serving the special interests and their deep pockets.

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4 thoughts on “Looking to 2022

  1. Biden/Harris need to engage brain and move up at least two gears. A nice progressive policy that actually gets through Congress, and an appeal to those working-class voters who picked Trump last time. Do I think they will do that? My jury is out.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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