Anti-Protest Law

Once again the state’s GOP is showing that they have NO concern for the US Constitution……almost every state with a GOP leadership in government is trying to take away the right to vote for many Americans…..and now another state is attempting to ban protests for social injustices….this time it is Florida (go figure)……

Florida’s Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis on Monday signed into law a bill that civil rights groups warn is designed to crack down on peaceful demonstrations and criminalize dissent by redefining “rioting” in an overbroad way and creating draconian new felonies for protest-related offenses.

While DeSantis and the bill’s Republican sponsors in the Florida legislature presented HB1 as a response to the attack on the U.S. Capitol by a mob of Trump supporters earlier this year, critics say the measure—crafted well before the January 6 attack—is in fact a reaction against the racial justice protests that followed the police killing of George Floyd last May.

“Let’s be clear: this is not an anti-riot bill, regardless of what supporters claim,” Micah Kubic, executive director of the ACLU of Florida, said in a statement Monday. “It is a bill that criminalizes peaceful protest, and the impact HB1 will have on Floridians cannot be disputed. Each and every provision harkens back to Jim Crow.”

Kubic went on to warn that under the new law—which is part of a wave of similar Republican measures under consideration nationwide—protesters could be arrested and charged with a felony if others at a protest or gathering became violent or disorderly, even if they themselves didn’t.” According to the South Florida Sun Sentinel, HB1 defines rioting as a public disturbance by at least three people with “common intent to mutually assist each other in disorderly and violent conduct.”

“The goal of this law is to silence dissent and create fear among Floridians who want to take to the streets to march for justice,” said Kubic. “Every single Floridian should be outraged by this blatant attempt to erode our First Amendment right to peacefully assemble. It is outrageous and blatantly unconstitutional. Gov. DeSantis’ championing of and signature on this law degrades, debases, and disgraces Florida and our democracy.”

Just how selective will this law be?

I will watch to see where this law goes.

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45 thoughts on “Anti-Protest Law

  1. Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick, whose death was initially believed to be caused by rioters during the Jan. 6 insurrection, succumbed to natural causes stemming from a stroke the day after the violence, according to the top medical examiner in the nation’s capital.

    Francisco J. Diaz, the chief medical examiner for Washington, D.C., told the Washington Post that Sicknick died on Jan. 7 after suffering two strokes and he did not suffer an allergic reaction to any chemical irritants.

    This is an undeniable blow to the assertions that Sicknick died as a result of something that happened to him on January 6th. Not only did he suffer multiple strokes, but those strokes also were not brought on by any chemical irritant such as pepper spray. That was a going theory by prosecutors until this point. The medical examiner determined the death was via natural causes and there appears to be nothing that connects the event to the crowd that day.

    It is absolutely disgusting to think back to how the news media, Joe Biden, Democrats at large, and some Republicans used Sicknick’s death to score political points. And they did so without one ounce of evidence to do so. Sicknick lay in state at the Capitol under the guise that he had been murdered by Trump supporters. We now know that story was completely false. What now? Will there be apologies to the family for using their loved one as a political prop? Will there be apologies to those who wanted to wait and see what was actually true in regards to the claims of “insurrection” that day?

    1. I like that we had an insurrection and all you can talk about is the incident reported by ONE ME…everyone participating should be in prison for life. It is disgusting to try and lessen the man’s death or the overweight in-bred cowards that broke into the Capitol. PERIOD! chuq

      1. Reminds me of the song: ”’That’s the night that the lights went out in Georgia. That’s the night they hung an innocent man etc”.

      2. American cities burned for months inspired and encouraged by DemoRATs like the black witch from California. Placed in a different perspective:

        Almost 17 migrant children a day have disappeared in Europe since 2018 | Migration
        April 21, 20213 min read magictr

        At least 18,000 unaccompanied migrant children have disappeared after arriving in European countries such as Greece, Italy and Germany.

        An investigation by The Guardian and the Cross Border Journalism Collective Lost in europe found that 18,292 unaccompanied migrant children disappeared in Europe between January 2018 and December 2020, which is equivalent to almost 17 children per day.

      3. What does this have to do with the post? Any problems we have today can be laid at the feet of REPUKES……this is about a law in the US….has nothing to do with Europe in any way. chuq

      4. There exist many problems on the planet earth. My friend Tex (the dude was born in Oklahoma), always advised me: “Moshe…don’t take yourself toooo seriously”. This means: keep things in perspective.

      5. Before and After Trump compares to BC vs. AC lol 🙂
        Never heard of the GOP referred to as REPUKES. That put a smile on my face.
        Before Trump — viewed the 2 Party System of American politics as the Tweedle Dee vs. Tweedle Dumb Parties. Meaning 2 sides of the same coin. After Trump the crazies like the bitches of California really became quite apparent.

      6. The border crisis with Mexico. Hmmmmmm bitch Pelosi favors building a wall around DC but abhors protecting the National borders of our country.

      7. All the illegal aliens who have entered the country, hmmmm fake news. Must be that the US economy has collapsed therefore aliens from Mexico and Central America they have no reason to come to America in search for work because life in those countries – its just so rosey happy and gay. LOL

      8. No we have illegals but they are needed for the agricultural sector….for they can be exploited and profits are made. The sector would collapse without them chuq

      9. As a young boy my family supported Cesar Chavez 1965 Delano grape strike. Chavez successfully organized the Migrant Farm Workers Union – the first of its kind. Wet-back labor plays a large function in the farming communities in Texas.

      10. AS a former union organizer I am well aware of Chavez… I said immigrants are the backbone of American agriculture chuq

      11. Chavez was one of my childhood heroes, on par with Malcolm X and Martin Luther King. But the illegals coming from Central America and Mexico. Here’s a You Tube presentation about a huge volcanic explosion and the economic impact that eruption had on human history.

        The hype and propaganda of ‘Climate Change’ the result of high CO2 and cow flatulations, utter non sense.

      12. Clearly your not a rancher. Cows digestion system produces lots and loads of gas. If you ever compare horse manure to cow manure, horse shit its course and poorly digested whereas cow shit its finely digested. A horse has but one stomach whereas a cow has 4 stomachs.

      13. No I am not a rancher…never wanted to be a cowboy….cows produce gas but their burps are more damaging to the environment…….thanx for the manure update chuq

      14. Raised Organic beef, feed removed from all pesticides. Have also milked some 234 head of cows for some 2 years. Cow fart.

  2. ooops did not complete the sentence. But the illegals coming from Central America and Mexico, they come not as farm workers but chose to live in American cities.

      1. The massive influx of foreign aliens flooding into the US and demanding equal rights as US citizens. The Bill of Rights applies only unto citizens of our country. Not to illegals. Just as British or Russian laws do not apply to US citizens.

      2. Please stop giving me a civics lesson…..most of the ‘flood’ are looking for work and safety…..the laws apply if you commit a crime in their country….yes there is a problem but a problem only….only a crisis to people that want someone to hate. chuq

      3. What motivates the massive mob of foreigners – not the issue. American labor has to compete with foreign immigrants. For a rancher farmer – cheap labor reminds me of the days of slavery. But for Americans seeking a $15 minimum wage the huge influx of aliens living in cities has a huge impact on the ability of American labor to collectively bargain. That’s a crisis for these American workers.

      4. The planet has managed, sometimes unsuccessfully – Hitler and Stalin, even FDR serve as examples – with greed. The earth shall continue to rotate around the sun independent of human greed. Unless some mad man blows up the planet … b/c he can.

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