Thoughts On Unicameralism

Since our Congress is useless there needs to be some revisions on how the system works….just my thought on a repair for a useless Congress that accomplishes very little….we need more work and less theatrics from our legislative branch…..chuq

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I have written about my thoughts on our Congress….thoughts that will not be popular but nonetheless something needs to be considered because the the dysfunction in our legislative branch of government.

You can read my thoughts here…..

Our Senate is as worthless as teats on a boar….it is non-functioning at best.  Time for a change…..that is if you want this country finally start progressing to a better future.

There are so many things that need changing and most of them will take a Constitutional Convention……things like guns, the emoluments, voting rights, etc….so if we decide to have this debate then why not include the Congress and a way to make it better or at least functioning.

Since civics is not  priority in our educational system let me do it for you……what is the function of the legislative branch?

The House has several powers assigned exclusively to it, including the power…

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8 thoughts on “Thoughts On Unicameralism

  1. “Constitutional Convention”


    Thank you, chuq:

    the last time I suggested that we need to call a new Constitutional Convention, that went over even worse than my posts calling for a new CCC.

    Hopefully more education will shortly bring more understanding all around…

    Stay safe,
    and thank you for this post, chuq,

    1. You are welcome…I wrote about Biden new CCC plan….I have been calling for a Convention since the ERA days…….there is so much that needs addressing…it is time. chuq

      1. Most welcome, chuq: Thank you for taking your time to keep up the needed -desperately needed, work on these issues!

        Stay safe,

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