Could There Be An Iran Surprise?

All the rhetoric around Iran has come to a head…..and the possibility of a war with Iran before Donald the Orange leaves office (or is forced out)…..

A source told The Washington Post if an American is killed and it can be ‘tied back to instructions from Iran’ it would spark immediate US response

A report from The New York Times that said President Trump considered attacking an Iranian nuclear facility raised fears of a possible US strike on Iran before January 20th. An official familiar with the meeting told The Washington Post that while a preemptive strike on Iran’s nuclear program was off the table, President Trump is ready to respond to attacks in the region that can be tied to Iran.

According to the official, Trump emphasized that any killing of an American that can be “tied back to instructions from Iran” will spark an immediate US response. The official said the president was “very forceful” and that if Iranians kill Americans, the US response will be swift and painful.

The Post story came after rockets fell inside Baghdad’s Green Zone, where the US embassy is located. No casualties were reported near the US embassy, but the Iraqi Army said rockets landed outside of the Green Zone, killing a child and injuring five civilians. The Post said the rockets were “apparently fired by an Iranian-backed Iraqi militia,” although it is not yet clear who is responsible.

President Trump Sets Tripwire For Attack on Iran

After years of threatening could this be the tripwire that plunges the US into yet another war…..just to make Israel happy?

If this occurs it will be disastrous and probably very bloody….are we prepared for more death and destruction?

Could the surprise be waiting for a new president?

Iran’s current parliament, judicial system and the powerful Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) are controlled by the conservatives, the main political faction that opposed the 2015 nuclear deal between Tehran and world powers.

However, conservatives, who are gearing up for Iran’s own presidential elections in 2021, have signalled for the first time their readiness to sit at the negotiation table with Washington.

Iranian hardline politician Hamidreza Taraghi recently told local media that conservatives were the only political faction who could lead fruitful negotiations with the US.

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14 thoughts on “Could There Be An Iran Surprise?

  1. I have zero doubt that Trump wants the opportunity to be a “courageous” “wartime” President before he leaves office; the greater chance for a flash point is that the Iranian-aligned Shi’a Militia Groups in Iraq, don’t feel that they have achieved satisfaction over the strike on Solemieni and Muhandis [Muhandis being the operational leader of said SMG]. If one of those groups, sanctioned or not, attacks a U.S./Coalition base….and causes U.S. casualties….that [per Pompeo] is the ‘Red Line’. We WILL respond against the perpetrators.

    That would probably not in itself, lead to a hot war with Iran…..if our response is in kind. But it does provide an opportunity for a more ‘overzealous’ U.S. response. That, IMO is the more likely scenario for hostilities with Iran being turned up to 10.

  2. I don’t think there’ll be a war with Iran. They just have to wait till January and Biden will give us away like Obama and Kerry did before. You know how well they abide by their treaties with us.

    1. Biden will meet with the hardliners which have signaled they will talk….actually Iran was abide by the treaty until Trump did the silly move of leaving…..then Pompeo and Trump are doing what they always do talk tough and wimp out….chuq

      1. That is why I do my own news searches….I have not trusted the MSM since Bubba Clinton allowed corporations to own them….chuq

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