Flag: And The Winner Is…..

The weekend begins and Mississippi is about to enter the 21st century….a long journey to arrive there….

I have been keeping my readers up to date on the journey my state of Mississippi is having replacing the the racist flag from the past.

It began with this……https://lobotero.com/2020/06/18/state-flag-is-gone/

The finalists are here…..https://lobotero.com/2020/08/30/which-one-will-it-be/

And now we have a winner of the Mississippi state flag lotto…..

Mississippi voters will decide whether to accept a new state flag with a magnolia to replace an old one legislators retired under pressure because it included the Confederate battle emblem that’s widely seen as racist, the AP reports. A commission on Wednesday voted 8-1 to recommend the magnolia over one other final design that featured a shield with wavy lines representing water. “We’ll send a message that we live in the future and not in the past,” former Mississippi Supreme Court Justice Reuben Anderson, the flag commission chairman, said after the vote. The single design will go on the November ballot. If voters accept the design, it will become the new state flag. If they reject it, the design process will start anew—and Mississippi will remain a state without a flag for a while longer.

The commission decided Wednesday that in the weeks leading to the November election, it will promote the magnolia flag by calling it the “In God We Trust” flag. “More than any other time in our country, we need the mercy and grace of God,” said commission member TJ Taylor, who is an attorney and policy director for the state House speaker. After the meeting Wednesday, the magnolia flag was raised on a pole outside the Old Capitol Museum in Jackson, where it fluttered in a brisk breeze. Requiring the religious phrase on the new flag helped persuade some conservative legislators to retire the old one. Legislators shelved the Confederate-themed flag two months ago against the backdrop of widespread protests over racial injustice.

And the winner is…..

At least this flag is heads above the runner-up…..

Enjoy your Labor Day weekend with family and friends…..

Be well and be safe

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8 thoughts on “Flag: And The Winner Is…..

      1. Exactly. I couldn’t put my finger on what I didn’t like about it, and you’ve defined it exactly! Regardless of what vexillogists have to say about words on flags, I think your new one is beautiful and more in line with what I’d like to think about Mississippi.

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