Those Beauty Contests

FYI and History all in one place and on a Saturday to boot…….does life get any better?

Our all knowing president use to own the Miss Universe beauty thing…..have you ever asked where this staple of society got its start?

Well the Old Professor has your history lesson prepared (for those interested)….

There are lots of history blogs out there in the blogosphere….but not that many give the really cookie histories……you can depend on IST to be different…..

Beauty contests were first brought to the attention of the public back in the early days of the Byzantine Empire…..

A seldom-recognized historical antecedent to today’s beauty pageants is bride-shows that occurred early in the Byzantine Empire. Byzantine bride-shows selected from a wide-ranging search the bride for the Emperor or the Emperor’s heir. After becoming Empress, she sometimes went on to rule in her own right. The Byzantine bride-show thus provided a remarkably open opportunity for a woman to gain a place at the top of society.[1] In relation to ordinary person’s lives, Byzantine bride-shows suggest risks in a mother dominating the choice of her son’s wife even in a relatively tolerant society.

Men in pursuing intimate relationships are usually attracted to beautiful women. Today, that preference tends to be disparaged. For being attracted to a woman who was not fat, one young man recently was called bigoted and mean, and he was slapped. At a much higher level of social salience, the Harvard men’s soccer team recently had their whole season canceled because some team members were privately rating the attractiveness of members of the women’s soccer team. Simply stating that young, slender, warmly receptive women are much more sexually attractive than old, fat, bitterly men-hating women is well on its way to becoming a criminal offense in modern, democratic societies.

Byzantine bride-shows: mothers dominate sons in choosing wives

It is possible that there were other occasions in his but this is the one that got set down in the histories….

After reading this let your mind wonder to the past…..what were the categories?  How about the wardrobe?

Do let me know your thoughts.

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2 thoughts on “Those Beauty Contests

  1. I can remember watching the Miss World contest on TV with my parents. We all picked our favourites, and listened to the silly things they said about wanting world peace and helping children. Then we got upset if our pick didn’t come in the top three.
    It seems laughable now.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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