Abby Kelley–Radical Woman

More for the celebration of women’s history month…..if you would like more on this interesting lady …..

Enjoy….be safe chuq

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Subject:  American History/Women’s History

I try to do my part to educate the people on things that they may not think about or realize… is March and Women’s History month…..I also try to find people that have contributed to the making of this country and have not been given the respect that they deserve……and Abby Kelley is such a person…….

Abigail (Abby) Kelley was born in 1811 into a strict Quaker family…..being a female her education was that in Quaker schools….after her education was complete, as much as any woman could hope to obtain, she taught school and her road to radical feminism….she lectured and wrote about temperance, pacifism and anti-slavery…..she became more and more progressive while involved with abolitionists, but she not only lectured about freedom for slaves but also a full civil equality…she not only opposed war but also all forms of government coercion…

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