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Since most Americans have more on their minds than my silly little classroom….I will make it as easy as I can….enjoy chuq

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Sorry for the delay in the latest classroom, but the Professor had a sick day, yesterday. He is sick of the lame ass participation.

What does the term New Harmony have to do with history?

I tried to make it as simple as possible…I do not need any strokes to explain to the administration. You may begin.

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  1. My two commenters on this quiz were missing yesterday….so I will post the answer for all to see…
    New Harmony was founded in 1814 by a group of 800 Pietists from Württemburg, Germany. The Harmonie Society, led by George Rapp, arrived in the United States in 1804, seeking religious freedom and establishing a community in Butler County, Pennsylvania. After ten years in Pennsylvania, the Harmonists purchased nearly 30,000 acres on the banks of the Indiana Territory’s Wabash River.
    In 1825, with his business partner, William Maclure, Robert Owen purchased the community of New Harmony, hoping to establish a model community where education and social equality would flourish. Maclure, a wealthy businessman and well-respected geologist, attracted many well-known scholars of the early 19 th century to New Harmony, including American naturalist Thomas Say; French naturalist Charles-Alexandre Lesueur; and Pestalozzian educators Joseph Neef, Phiquepal d’Arusmont, and Madame Marie Duclos Fretageot. Gerard Troost, a Dutch geologist, and Frances Wright, a Scots-born early feminist, were also drawn to New Harmony.

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