Finally A National Emergency!

The president finally went on TV and declared a national emergency just in time to get the markets closing.

Personally, I think he is about a week too late….but as they say….better late than never….

But enough of what I think… is what was said……

President Trump addressed the nation for the second time Friday about the coronavirus pandemic, this time to declare a national emergency. Trump said he would invoke the Stafford Act, typically used for natural disasters, which he said will free up tens of billions in emergency aid for states. It also means FEMA will play a bigger role in coordinating the federal response, reports Politico. Among other things, the result could be the construction of mobile hospitals and temporary shelters. Related:

  • Faster tests: The White House has been taking flak for the lack of coronavirus test kits available, and the administration took steps Friday to fix that, reports the New York Times. The Department of Health and Human Services will give more than $1 million to two companies, DiaSorin Molecular and Qiagen, to ramp up development of the tests. Also, the FDA set up a 24-hour hotline for private and academic labs to process tests and authorize new ones.
  • Drive-thrus: Soon, people may be able to make use of drive-thru testing sites. The Washington Post reports the White House is partnering with the private sector and local health departments on the idea. The story notes that South Korea, widely hailed for its handling of the pandemic, has had such sites in use. Essentially, people head to a drive-thru clinic set up in a parking lot to be swabbed, and specimens are then sent to labs for testing.
  • More help: Alibaba founder Jack Ma says he will donate 500,000 test kits and 1 million masks to the US through his foundation, reports Mashable.
  • ‘Flatten the curve’: As the US and other nations cancel mass gatherings, the phrase “flatten the curve” is gaining widespread use. The idea is that nations must slow the spread of the disease, starting immediately, or hospitals will be overwhelmed. A post at Vox has details, along with the origins of one doctor’s graph explaining the principle.

After this pandemic some interesting news has dribbled out about the CDC…..

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention became the latest target of President Donald Trump’s attempts to deflect blame for what is being roundly condemned as a disastrous response by his administration to the coronavirus pandemic.

Trump claimed, without evidence, on Friday that the federal agency had for decades sat idle on efforts to build an adequate testing system—a situation he blamed former President Barack Obama for supposedly exacerbating. Trump’s latest twitter fusillade comes despite the fact that his administration has directly controlled the CDC for more than three years. The president then repeated the lie that his predecessor failed to act on the H1N1 outbreak—commonly known as the swine flu—until thousands had already died.

Trump, Still Hoping to Slash CDC Funds, Blames CDC for Coronavirus Fiasco

Did you know that the US was ill prepared for this pandemic?

The logical answer to that question is….NO SHIT!

A secret report by the Director of National Intelligence says that the United States is starkly unprepared for a global pandemic — and the White House is blocking its release.

At least, that’s according to two senior government officials who blabbed to Time about the report, which was scheduled to be released early February, according to the magazine. But, says Time, plans to release it were scrapped as the COVID-19 coronavirus started going global.

There is always info coming out daily….and so far that has done little to help the situation other than confusing the shit out of everyone which feeds the fear and panic.

Any thoughts?

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12 thoughts on “Finally A National Emergency!

  1. Dr. Anthony Fauci helped develop therapies for such auto-immune diseases as one I have, WG/GPA. Prior to his work, people with this disease were lucky to survive a few months, and could pretty well count on being dead within two years. I am alive because of his skills and research as an immunologist. If he says something about this pandemic, I trust it. If Trump says something, I ignore it because it is either a lie or a misunderstood fantasy cooked up in his incomprehending mind, take your pick. Go play golf, Mr. Trump. And don’t forget to tell “fore” before you take a shot!

      1. I feel that way, too, chuq. He was a simple buffoon for most of his term, someone to groan about every time he tweeted some inanity or complain about every time he did something that benefited a few at the top at the expense of the millions at the bottom. This time, the stakes are much, much higher. His ignorance and the willingness of a certain group of people in this country to believe him without question puts the whole country in a bad spot. It’s like a horror film: “They are among us!”

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