Saturday’s Random Thoughts

I take lots and lots of notes every day and most seldom make it into a post but what to do with all those notes?

My weekends need a theme…..FYI is always a good place to start.

That is where weekends come in…..I try to find stuff that is interesting or amusing to work as a diversion from the awfulness of the news in the media.

First, South Texas as terrible cell coverage but for a good reason….

A robust wake of extremely messy vultures is getting the drop(pings) on a U.S. Customs and Border Protection radio tower in Texas. Excrement from the 300 birds is so overwhelming that it’s interfering with the communication system, reports Quartz.

The entire structure in Kingsville has been coated with “droppings mixed with urine,” according to a request for information the agency issued to vendors this week to determine the “available options” for a “Vulture Deterrence Netting System.”

The vultures will “often defecate and vomit from their roost onto buildings below that house employees and equipment,” a CBP representative told Quartz. “There are anecdotes about birds dropping prey from a height of 300 feet, creating a terrifying and dangerous situation for those concerned.”

Next there are things that us old farts can do that many youngsters cannot… write in cursive, read a map, etc.  These are skills that are slowly disappearing from the culture….

ur Gen Z kids and grandkids are digital natives. They can convey nuance in their text messages, effortlessly navigate wherever they want to go, and get a pizza delivered anywhere, anytime. But they’ve never learned some of the old-school, analog skills most of us were taught as we grew up. Does it matter?

Have you ever heard that men prefer large breasts?

Supposedly, consistent male preferences for a particular breast size feed claims that they reflect evolutionary adaptation. To make this plausible, it must be shown that reported attractive features provide cues to women’s potential reproductive capacity or health. But any preferences may be largely or exclusively culturally determined, perhaps reflecting particular notions of female beauty peddled by Western media.

Since the 1960s, many studies have assessed the attractiveness of women’s breasts, notably regarding the size. One early contribution by Jerry Wiggins and colleagues (1968) tested men’s preferences for breasts, buttocks, and legs using simple, nude female silhouettes.

Ninety-five male undergraduates rated paired images with different sizes of those body regions. The main aim was to identify personality traits associated with preferences, but some interesting baseline information emerged. Although men rated large breasts as more attractive than small ones, moderate breast size was preferred over the largest presented

Finally, do you burn candles for mood or mental health or whatever…..well I have a scented candle that may impress you (or not)…..

Keep up, Yankee Candle—Gwyneth Paltrow is at the forefront of waxy odors. Via her lifestyle brand, Goop, Paltrow has a new product out in what the Daily Dot calls her “catalog of absurdities”: a $75 “This Smells Like My Vagina” candle. And what, exactly, does Gwyneth’s vagina (or whomever’s vagina they’re talking about) smell like? “This candle is made with geranium, citrusy bergamot, and cedar absolutes juxtaposed with Damask rose and ambrette seed to put us in mind of fantasy, seduction, and a sophisticated warmth,” the product listing on the Goop website reads.

People reports that the candle came to fruition when Paltrow and perfume creator Douglas Little were trying out different scents for a new fragrance they were attempting to create. Paltrow allegedly said in reaction to one test odor: “Uhhh … this smells like a vagina,” and although they opted not to make a perfume out of it, a candle apparently seemed like the next best thing. Online reaction to the candle so far ranges from wariness to curiosity to straight-out despair. “I don’t want to live in a world where celebrities think normal people want candles that smell like their vagina,” one commenter posted. Refinery29 notes the candle, which it calls Paltrow’s “Goopiest product yet,” is also sold out on the website of Heretic, which makes the candle, though you can add your name to a waitlist on either site.

Did you read there is a waitlist?

My name shall not appear.


Just a few thoughts to start your Saturday.

I Read, I Wrote, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”

4 thoughts on “Saturday’s Random Thoughts

  1. I think vultures would make nice pets if they weren’t so ugly and messy — I too prefer large breasts but just not on me — I don’t burn candles at all because of the second hand smoke … and the fact that they can burn down a house — and I still practice my cursive but when I correspond I always use an electronic device.

    1. Again I agree with you on these things…my cursive is used for my many notes I take daily…..I hate that it is disappearing….I teach my granddaughter to use it for her school has dropped it. chuq

  2. Who ever imagined that vulture crap could cause that?
    Lost skills will be lost forever, but they don’t seem to care. Reliance on the Internet will be the true downfall of humans in the future.
    In my book, there is no such thing as breasts that are ‘too big’. I don’t care if evolution is the reason why, I just love them. And the bigger, the better! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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