Is The Military Ready?

Those drums are muted…for now.

There is no doubt that the US has the strongest and best equiped military on the planet……this post is more about strategy than ability…..the two can be separated.

With the assassination of the Iranian general there seems to be an uptick in the concern that the US may be approaching a coming war with Iran with its eyes closed.

Is war coming?

That will depend on the idiots around the table.

But say it does…..The US should not be too cocky…..think back to the 1980s and the Iran-Iraq War…..

Too young to remember that far back?

A short reminder.

We have had our nacho president Tweeting ignorance almost daily….keep the 1980s in mind when plotting  the insanity of a war…..

The president deployed the stereotype of Iranian cunning to imply that they tricked a naïve president, Barack Obama, into signing a flawed nuclear deal. According to the world’s foremost nuclear security experts, however, the accord was ensuring Iran’s compliance, thereby preventing a nuclear weapons program—that is, until Trump subverted the agreement in 2018.

More importantly, Trump’s words underscore the idea that Iranians are cowardly and militarily ineffectual, but make up for such unflattering character flaws by swindling their foes during negotiations to achieve victory.

Iran’s last war, however, should dispel any notion of cowardice and military weakness—a history President Trump and anti-Iran hawks like National Security Adviser John Bolton must face with clear eyes if the United States is to avoid another needless, catastrophic war in the Middle East.

Don’t Underestimate Iran’s Ability to Fight a Bloody War

Keep that in mind and now I want to pass on something I read about our military……

While the Army exhausted itself fighting two frustrating and inconclusive wars in Afghanistan and Iraq over the last 19 years, both Russia and China embarked on grand strategies of regional hegemony designed to undermine the rules-based international order that emerged after World War II under American leadership. Both of these rising powers have developed myriad ways to sew discord and dissent in America’s network of alliances and to expand their spheres of influence.

Let me say right here…I am NOT saying we have a crappy military…..what I am saying is that the leadership depends too much on past accolades never preparing for the next war with fresh thinking.

Iran will be NO different.

Chest thumping is not fighting a war…..a macho display is just a cowards way to try and lather up the public.

I Read, I Wrote, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”

2 thoughts on “Is The Military Ready?

  1. Figures give the Iranian military at 525,000 strong.
    Then there are 350,000 reservists.
    11,000,000 men of military age available to be drafted.
    1650 combat tanks.
    3,000 artillery pieces.
    2,000 rockets.
    Iranian air force. 30,000 personnel. 510 serviceable warplanes.
    Iranian Navy. 20,000 strong. 34 submarines, approx 95 warships.
    Defence budget. $6.5 billion.
    Let’s face it, this isn’t Grenada.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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