A Decade Of Idiocy?

Today not only ends a year but also the end of a decade…..and a helluva decade it has been….

The decade of the 2010s just how will it be remembered?

We aren’t just approaching the end of a very newsy year; we’re approaching the end of a very eventful decade. To mark the occasion, Politico Magazine asked a group of historians to put all that happened over the past 10 years in its proper historical context—and literally write the paragraph that they think will describe the 2010s in American history books written a century from now.

Will the seemingly significant events we have lived through this decade be important in the grand scheme? Are there powerful historical forces playing out that we’re missing? Where will Black Lives Matter, the social media revolution, #MeToo, climate change, Barack Obama and Donald Trump fit into the history books?

Many described the 2010s, in the words of Andrew Bacevich, as an era of “venomous division,” characterized by massive racial, economic and political divisions. Some saw hope in the discord—as a catalyst for much needed reform, soon to come. Still other historians pointed out less-noticed trends—in technology and foreign policy—that will resonate far into the future.

How will the future remember the 2010s? Here’s what the experts had to say:


Let’s be honest…..the decade of the 2010s has been chole full of morons, idiots and buffoons…..it has been an insufferable decade at best…..

Congrats are in order. We survived to the end of the decade! And if the people detailed in the story you’re about to read have their way, it’ll be one of the last decades anyone survives at all.

Look: It feels like the last ten years has been an endless onslaught by people who are so willfully-ignorant of science, so regressive and backwards, and so unimpeded by the ethics of discovery and innovation, it’s a miracle we haven’t ripped every last follicle out of our heads.

And yet, because we here at Futurism Dot Com are gluttons for punishment, and because we love you, our readers, we sacrificed some brain cells to round up the absolute worst of the people who did the most damage to the Earth, society, and cogent thinking, as well as those who happily trotted alongside them. Please, enjoy, and more than that: Whatever you do, don’t be these people.


But not everything in 2019 was a bummer…..there were a few things that can be said to be positive aspects of the year…..

Impeachment, Trump, impeachment, Trump. It’s hard to think of this year without obsessing about the occupant of the White House. But yes, there were lots of other events going on in the world this year. Some of them were tragic, like the coup in Bolivia, but some are hopeful and move us in a positive direction. Here are ten. Please add more.


Not to worry….the decade of the 2020s can either be an extension of the idiocy of the 2010s or Americans could get a goddamn grip and change the direction of this country to the better.

I feel that we are “Slipping Into Darkness”…..and that reminds me of a song I want to share…..

Tell me….which do you think will it be?

Peace Out!

I Read, I Wrote, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”

4 thoughts on “A Decade Of Idiocy?

  1. I will remember this decade as the time when I retired from work and moved away from London. The past eight years have seen monumental changes in my personal and home life.
    I think I will try to avoid watching so much TV News in 2020. It has a tendency to make me feel depressed.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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