Judicial Impeachment Hearing–Day 2

The drama in DC picked up again yesterday…..this is day two of the Judicial Committee hearing on the possible impeachment of Pres. Trump.

My short summary for those that had better things to do….I watched so you did not have to…..

For those interested in the process I give you the impeachment report that was released by the House Intel Committee……https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/6566093-House-impeachment-report-PDF.html#document/p1

The day’s doings……

The House Judiciary Committee resumed its impeachment proceedings Monday, with each party laying out familiar narratives. For example, Democratic staff investigator Daniel Goldman said President Trump’s “persistent and continuing effort to coerce a foreign country to help him cheat to win an election is a clear and present danger to our free and fair elections and to our national security,” per the Hill. Countered GOP lawyer Stephen Castor, as quoted in the Washington Post: “The impeachment inquiry has returned no direct evidence that President Trump withheld a meeting or security assistance in order to pressure President Zelensky to investigate former vice president Biden for the president’s political benefit.” Other highlights:

  • From the GOP: “This may become known as the focus group impeachment because we don’t have a crime, we don’t have anything we can actually pin, and nobody understands really what the majority is trying to do except make sure the president can’t win next year if he’s impeached,” said the panel’s ranking Republican, Doug Collins of Georgia.
  • About Pelosi: Collins also objected to Nancy Pelosi’s directive last week to write up articles of impeachment, even before the panel’s hearings were complete. “She just quit,” he said. “She just stopped.”
  • From Democrats: “The evidence shows that Donald J. Trump, the president of the United States, has put himself before country, he has violated his most basic responsibilities to the people, he has broken his oath,” said the panel’s chairman, Jerry Nadler of New York. Regarding the parties’ differing views: If “we could drop our blinders for just one moment, I think we could agree on a common set of facts as well.”
  • Rancor: The GOP’s Jim Sensenbrenner said Democrats were badgering Castor during questioning, but Nadler said “sharp” questioning was par for the course. Politico notes that at one point, Nadler banged his gavel, prompting Collins to mutter, “Bang the gavel harder—still doesn’t make it right.”
  • Protester: A protester shouting that Democrats were committing “treason” was escorted from the proceeding as it began, per CBS News video.  (Treason is for a time of war)
  • Next: Pelosi was meeting with other House leaders Monday night, per CNN. She hasn’t scheduled a meeting with the full caucus on impeachment, but she’s invited all House Democrats to a meeting Wednesday morning.

As with all these…Dems were serious and presented evidence and the GOP spend their time playing political games and attacking everybody as a “whistleblower”…….

Rumor has it that the Dems will issue their articles of impeachment on Tuesday……and we wait!

For those that cannot bother with the process I will help make it simple without the use of “big” words…..

If you missed it……not to worry….There is more!

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9 thoughts on “Judicial Impeachment Hearing–Day 2

  1. (Treason is for a time of war) Have heard this before but don’t think certain behaviors don’t count if an actual declared war is not occuring. Patriot Act expands treasonous conduct by definitions.

    1. Patriot Act is not part of the process against the president…..legislators speaking out is not treasonous…at least in the minds of people that half a brain. chuq

  2. I am hoping the impeachment and trial in the senate will be over by February. Don’t Except the president to be removed from office.

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