Let’s Be Exact

The definition for the adjective “EXACT”…..”

adjective: exact

  1. not approximated in any way; precise.

Now that is by the rules of grammar….but that does not mean the it is according to Trump, as we know he makes up his own rules as he goes along………

I bring this up because of the overuse of the word “exact” by the president when talking about the ‘transcript’ of the phone call he had with the Ukrainian president.

When he released a “transcript” of his July 25 phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, President Trump called it a “an exact word-for-word transcript of the conversation, taken by very talented stenographers.” Trump could not have been more explicit in his claim that the White House had, in full transparency, published a complete account of the call. “All you have to do is read what they wrote down, the stenographers,” Trump said later, “They wrote down an exact call.”


Well that constant claim by Trump is what he does best….LIES!

But Hell do not believe me for I am a “Never Trumper” (so I have been called because I will not blindly follow this person)…..below is the ‘transcript’ of the phone call…..


I bring your attention to page one of the transcript and the paragraph that begins with the word ‘caution’……

Sorry Donald but it is a Memo not an ‘exact’ transcript of the phone call.

Maybe some of the ‘geniuses’ in the White House should explain the difference to our president for apparently he knows not.

And then a US Army soldier stepped forward…..

Democrats said Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman’s more than 10 hours of testimony Tuesday on Capitol Hill in the Trump impeachment inquiry was “extremely disturbing,” and key among the details was his description of the July 25 phone call between President Trump and Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky, as well as its accompanying transcript—which, per CNN, Vindman said was “mostly accurate.” However, three sources said to be familiar with Vindman’s deposition tell the New York Times that Vindman testified certain words and phrases were left out of the White House memo of the call—omissions indicated by an ellipsis in at least one case—and that he tried to get them put back in. In some cases, his edits were incorporated, but two notable ones were ignored, he said.

One part of the Trump-Zelensky conversation Vindman said had vanished was when the Ukrainian president directly mentioned “Burisma,” the name of the energy company that Joe Biden’s son Hunter worked for. Instead of “Burisma,” “the company” was used in the transcript. The second omission Vindman flagged, noted by an ellipsis: a part in the chat in which Trump mentioned recordings of Joe Biden, a seeming reference to a 2018 event in which the ex-VP talked about trying to convince Ukraine to dump its prosecutor general. There were three transcript ellipses in total, which now raises questions about the other two. In September, the White House said the presence of the ellipses didn’t indicate “missing words or phrases,” but a “trailing off of a voice or pause.” It said brackets or redaction indicators would’ve been used for missing words or phrases.

The GOP attacks on the person of this war veteran is despicable….soldiers do not have a political ambition…..Trump and the slugs would know this if they ever served in the military of this country.

The GOP can kiss their support for the military good-bye because all along it was a spurious support at best……fake concern from fake people.

I Read, I Wrote, You Know

“Lego Ergo Scribo”

10 thoughts on “Let’s Be Exact

  1. Astonishing that that outrage is over if Trump asked if there were any business improprieties concerning Biden and son and not over how Biden as vice president and senator used the power of his office to get rich. He’s been a salaried office holder most of his life so how did he become a millionaire ? At least business deals arranged by Biden and his foreign connections were the truth while all the Russiagate accusations by the deep state against Trump were false and designed to discredit him with manufactured lies. Why is that outrage over Trump asking simple legal questions about possible criminal actions and not over the matter that Biden engaged in criminal actions if that indeed has been the case ? As far as quid pro quo goes I don’t understand the outrage over that. The entire international diplomacy in history has been a this for that or if you do this we will do that or if you don’t do this we will do such and such. It’s simple bargaining for each side to get satisfactory outcomes desired by the parties engaging. Unions and management do quid pro quo in all negotiations and quid pro quo is not an inherently evil process.

    1. IT is when it is using the power of the government to aid your personal interests. He is lying at every turn and makes me wonder why supporters stick with a liar when they would not do so with anyone else…..I think I know but I won’t say because it would cause more trouble than Trump is worth. chuq

      1. Yes, agree using the power of government to get political opponents is unlawful kinda like using agents of the CIA, FBI, DOJ, dem party and Clinton campaign and current dems in congress to get Trump. Don’t forget Obama IRS targeting conservative groups for audits and harassment. Have to agree Trump is often fact challenged. They still stick with him because Hillary defined the line in the sand calling his supporters deplorables. They support him as left is anti police, anti military, and anti ICE, is for open borders, non citizens voting, late term abortion (even termination of post birth ), stopping any republican, conservative or Christian from speaking at public venues under threat of riots and violence,unconstitutional sanctuary cities and sanctuary states, changing constitution electoral college and adding more supreme court members to dismiss conservative thought and to legislate socialism from bench, and a dem congress set and ready to impeach the morning after election 10 weeks before he was even sworn in, tired of being called racist and stupid Christian hicks and the imposition of LBTWHATEVER in schools and thinking a man in a dress should use the ladies room and much more is why. Support a flawed Trump to stop dem agenda and “values”.

      2. DOJ is for the protection of the American way of life….not as the personal police for the president. Dems are not the enemy they are Americans with opinions as are the conservs and yet Trump wants to make them the enemy….that is just not what this democracy is about…..chuq

      3. This is a delusional person…..”“How could one of the most experienced politicians in history lose to the most unfit candidate ever?” Trump asked reporters. “Crooked Hillary lost on purpose because she wanted me to be impeached.”

        Explaining Clinton’s motives for intentionally sabotaging her quest for an office she had coveted for decades, Trump said, “Hillary Clinton is more than a nasty woman. She is an evil woman, and her sick mind is capable of anything.”

        Trump said that instead of reporting the “fake story” of his campaign’s collusion with the Russians, the media should focus on Clinton’s “diabolical scheme to lose the election.”

        Trump is losing his grip. chuq

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