More Breaking News Saturday–Syria

Breaking News just keeps coming…….

We all know and have an opinion about Trump’s decision to stand down American troops in Syria….he has stated that there are NO American troops in Syria now….

To listen to President Donald Trump and his defenders, he’s ended a foolish and previously indefinite war in Syria. “We have no soldiers in the area, you know.  We’re getting out of the endless wars. We have to do it,” Trump said Wednesday in the Oval Office. “We are out of there. We’ve been out of there for a while. No soldiers whatsoever.” He added on Thursday, “We have no soldiers in Syria.” 

(Daily Beast)

Which to my ears is excellent news…..but the problem is the jest of the Breaking News…..but if there are NO US troops in Syria how can this happen?

Pentagon officials are reporting that US Special Forces troops came under fire in northern Syria, near the Kurdish city of Kobane. Turkish forces were accused of firing artillery forces at the US troops, though Turkey’s Defense Ministry denied that this was the case.

Pentagon officials say that there were no injuries, but at one point the Turkish fire was so heavy that they “considered firing back.” They did not fire back, and rather withdrew once the firing had stop.

This incident took place within the “safe zone” that Turkey has intended to take over, despite US officials reporting as recently as the day before that there were no US troops left in that area. Pentagon officials say 15-100 US troops are still in the area, and that Turkey has been informed “down to the grid” where those US forces are.


Trump in his wise and unmatched wisdom has drawn a line in the sand  in Syria…….

The great virtue of Twitter is that it forces users to be concise. One downside is that when an extremely powerful crazy person—the president of the United States, say—uses it, he can sound a bit like the Abrahamic God in one of his more wrathful moments. “If Turkey does anything that I, in my great and unmatched wisdom, consider to be off limits, I will totally destroy and obliterate the Economy of Turkey (I’ve done before!),”


US Troops attacked!

What will the president do?  There has been a red line drawn….now either make good or slink away with his tail between his legs… an obedient cur.

We will see how his wise and unmatched judgment handles this attack on Americans.

I promise we will get back to the FYI stuff of normal.

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5 thoughts on “More Breaking News Saturday–Syria

  1. Let Russia and Turkey dominate Syria. We can’t stop this with any presence anyway. Then they can go fight ISIS which they will surely have to do. Also would limit Iran’s hold in Syria. Problem solved.

    1. Not really Russia is a supporter of Iran…..Turkey and Russia are chumming up these days….this could be a big mistake to let them take the lead. Everybody will have to fight ISIS for that problem does not stop at the Syrian border chuq

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