Closing Thought–04Jun19

I am an old fart, a Baby Boomer generation, and as we all know we are the problems of society now…..but with that said an adequate health care system is a must…..because by 2035 seniors will outnumber children and that means long term care will be a must by then (kinda is now but not important to the post)…..

By 2035, seniors are projected to outnumber children in the U.S. population.

Maybe then we’ll look back and credit Washington state activists for being on the forefront of tackling America’s elder care crisis. On May 13, the state became the first in the nation to adopt a social insurance program for long-term care benefits.

“This is a huge victory for organizing and people power, for care and caregiving, and for older adults and people with disabilities,” said Josephine Kalipeni of Caring Across Generations, one of more than 20 groups that formed Washingtonians for a Responsible Future to push the path-breaking legislation.

Nationally, our long-term care financing system is broken. Medicare doesn’t currently cover home care or nursing facility care, while Medicaid coverage varies widely by state. To qualify, you have to meet poverty criteria, which requires people to spend down nearly all of their savings before getting coverage.

Medicare For All!  We need a health care system and this is one that the machinery of policy are already in place….logic dictates we have an answer…why not use it?
I want to enjoy a late Spring weekend……the heat, the humidity and the hurricanes are just around the corner.

12 thoughts on “Closing Thought–04Jun19

  1. Did you see that Trump is after our NHS now? He alienated the public with his claim that the ‘NHS is on the table’ with any future trade deal.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. We didn’t start the fire, as our spokesperson Billy Joel said in his song.

    As far as having too many old people, that situation will correct itself as soon as we silent generation folks and you baby boomers due off. That will probably happen sooner than we think, or wish.
    I just turned a year older yesterday. The clock is moving, and the finger is writing on the wall.

  3. Thought this might interest you,since you are talking about Medicare..
    Why NHS privatisation is bad for your health via @nhaparty
    This was writen in 2014…
    “The Government admits that £6 billion of NHS money is already being paid out to private companies to run NHS service, up by 1.3% since 2010. The Department of Health’s annual accounts for 2013-14 showed that £10bn-worth of NHS business went to private and other providers, including Virgin Care and Care UK. That’s still only a small amount of NHS spending, but it’s rising by about £1bn every year.”
    Seems you just cannot win these days & now Trump wishes to offer some ‘trade’opportinities ..Time to find another universe,methinks.You take care chuq,I am not doing too much these days,as it was getting all rather depressing.Laying low for the moment. 🙂

  4. This elder care cost is already a national crisis. I don’t know what I would do if I become too sick to care for father myself at home. At 95 no signs of dementia and thankful. I’ve often said to him “Dad I hope we die on the same day. Then neither one of us will have to worry. ” My two children don’t make enough to care for me and my social security and pension cover my living expenses but not enough for even the cheapest rat hole nursing home available if I needed care. Suicide with dignity then becomes a consideration as distasteful as that seems. Elder care insurance premiums are very expensive and unaffordable for most people.

    1. Mt father died at 94 he had his health covered so his wallet did not suffer…….I have enough saved to cover my butt to save my daughter from having to pay for my old age….but that excludes a bad disease or condition….chuq

      1. I am one republican that does not scream socialism or big government interference every time. I read about Washington state’s effort to tax for elder care programs. Seems like a very good model. . This is a big country and needs a big government. The problem is not government as Reagan suggested but inefficiency and redundancy. 50 million people will need help as elders and a major safetynet must be designed because it is overwhelming to manage as individuals. A national effort is required.

      2. Reagan’s privatization plans added so much crap to the budget…..our seniors deserve better than they are getting….chuq

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