Some Dems For 2020

Mash up to the 2020 Election…..we are a year away from the heat of the campaigns and yet the MSM is acting like it is tomorrow…they are treating Biden as the nominee and the rest are just novelties.

From the popular to the unknown…..

We see how popular Mayor Pete is becoming… seems to be his straight forward approach to issues (I’m not sure what is issues are right now)… that leads me and others to ask….is Mayor Pete the future of the Dem Party?

Pete Buttigieg is having a moment.

With a bio as unique as his name, the progressive mayor from South Bend has jumped to third place in the latest Emerson poll of the 2020 Democratic Iowa caucus, Salon reports. Buttigieg (pronounced BOOT-edge-edge, according to his official Twitter bio) is a 37-year-old Afghanistan war veteran, Harvard graduate and Rhodes scholar, who has taught himself Norwegian—see his response last weekend in South Carolina to a question from a Norwegian journalist here—and is conversant in several other languages. He is vying to become the first openly gay presidential nominee from a major political party.

He seems genuine but that does not make him the future of the party….he could have a fall at any point….but he bears watching.

Now what about a virtual unknown?

Andrew Yang. This candidate has an unusual but interesting approach and…..I wrote about him once he made his presence known on the campaign trail…..

Yang is becoming more popular for his insurgent campaign….he is out polling some of the more ‘recognizable’ candidates…..but read his rise for yourself…..

MATH” hats. Fox News. The Joe Rogan Experience podcast. Andrew Yang knows how to run an insurgent presidential campaign. The 44-year-old candidate, once barely known outside New York and Silicon Valley, is now leader of the “Yang Gang,” a growing following of online fans and IRL admirers rallying to Yang’s campaign cry of “humanity first.”

Yang is now outpolling seasoned pols like Kirsten Gillibrand, averaging 1% in recent surveys. Despite being “neither popular nor well-known,” as a FiveThirtyEight story puts it, he’s disturbing the forces of the Democratic establishment. His rallies are attracting thousands of people (paywall). A two-hour appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast in February garnered almost 3 million views. He’s winning over betting markets, which have given the long-shot candidate 2.3% odds at taking the White House, besting senator Corey Booker and Texas phenom Beto O’Rourke. Despite his distance from Washington, Yang’s surge shows that a candidate seemingly assembled from the musings of a Silicon Valley Reddit thread can take on the Democratic establishment.

Dems have a history of picking the wrong candidate and a long history of non-voting……these things must change if Trump is to be beaten…..

The reason Democrats lose as much as they do is that Republicans and “conservative” (right-leaning) independents have been voting at higher rates. Turnout has generally been lower among potential Democratic voters because the Democratic Party has seldom offered them anything worth voting for. There had always had plenty to vote against, but, as in 2015, this time around that may not be enough.

There is therefore reason to think that, for the time being, democrats ought to make common cause with Democrats. Ultimately, the task is to divide, not unite, that wretched, thoroughly compromised party of theirs – to retain and build upon what is salvageable in it, and to cast off the rest. That would require a thorough housecleaning. But the time for that is not now; not while Trump and his minions are on the loose.

I say….check out ALL candidates and pick the one that best reflects your concerns and issues…..

Be Smart!

Learn Stuff!


8 thoughts on “Some Dems For 2020

  1. The polls still give Biden s big lead. But Biden has a history of saying the wrong things now and then and getting in trouble. It is still early. Right now I think it will be between O’Rouke and Buttigieg. Present polls notwithstanding.

  2. The uncompromising socialist purists will destroy any hope of democrat party being relevant for flyover America whose dems and inds will tilt republican. I don’t think Medicare for all, abortion rights and Trump hate can can make a winning combination.

    1. I disagree…first there are NO purists in socialism……I think health care, wages and debt will help the Dems… least they have policies I have yet to hear a policy in a Trump rally….lots of blame but short on policy chuq

  3. The overwhelming issues for democrats this time is defeating you know who. When many people look at the polls and notice Biden is ahead of drump in states like North Carolina, they think Biden is their man. I also think there are better choices. – just saying winning is the KEY.

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