OMG! The Whining!

For two years now I have watch this president whine about everything….about Obama, the Dems, The House, The DOJ, the CIA and especially the media…if it were anyone else the news would be about a president that has more excuses than hairs in his toupee.

One of the best whines was the one he uttered over the weekend…..

President Donald Trump lashed out at his predecessors and other countries on Saturay.

After returning to the White House from an afternoon excursion to Trump National Golf Club, the president attempted to defend his trade wars.

“When you are the piggy bank nation that foreign countries have been robbing and deceiving for years, the word tariff is a beautiful word indeed,” Trump argued, in spite of the market plunge that has resulted from his trade wars.

“Others must treat the United States fairly and with respect,” Trump demanded. “We are no longer the ‘fools’ of the past!”

This from a person that must tell the public just how smart he is…….oddly I do not trust anyone that tells me how smart they are….usually they are more moronic than not….

There are daily whines…..the country is suffering from massive storms, flooding and tribalism….whining does NOT help!  Its the democrats….its the immigrants…….its the media…..its China and India and Never-Never Land… other words he blames everyone including some of his own people for everything that is said and done…..

Pick a day…any day…and just listen to his comments and rallies….they are 80% whining and accusation….. it is unbecoming of a president (but sounds more like some mad hatter monarch)…..

Plus I was taught to get respect one must give respect……so I guess that means that Trump is screwed on the respect front.

So please Mr. President show some class and STOP f*cking whining and do your job…this is a country of AMERICANS not just Trump drooling supporters.

Enough Said!

9 thoughts on “OMG! The Whining!

  1. The House needs to impeach the leach… even if the Senate doesn’t pass it. It will make those GOP Senate hold outs expose their save-Trump vote and get kicked out come election time.

    1. THis is all so much waste…look at Clinton….and he got more popular during the impeachment….I want him gone but I believe that the vote is the only way we can do it chuq

    1. His ego will not let him show strength because it will make him look weak in the eyes of the 40% that support him….chuq

  2. Recent trends in politics worldwide tend to suggest that such leaders ‘whine on behalf’ of those who feel aggrieved. I think that is why they remain so popular.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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