Closing Thought–03Jun19

The big stories on the MSM this past weekend was Trump on Brexit…..royal protocol…..Liverpool wins…..Trump’s mouth in England……and this is American media……but a story that needed attention was overlooked for some dribble that informs NO one.

I read a report over the weekend that I had to re-read again and again…..ever read something that you thought could be extreme stupid or very arrogant?

I had one of those thoughts about something a Congressman had to say……

Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Alpine, said he probably killed “hundreds of civilians” while serving as an artillery officer in Fallujah.

His comments were made public Monday on the latest episode of the podcast “Zero Blog Thirty.”

“I was an artillery officer, and we fired hundreds of rounds into Fallujah, killed probably hundreds of civilians,” he said. “Probably killed women and children if there were any left in the city when we invaded. So, do I get judged too?”

Hunter recalled this story in response to a question about the actions of Navy SEAL Edward R. Gallagher who is on trial in San Diego accused of war crimes including shooting at civilians. Gallagher has pleaded not guilty.

During the podcast, Hunter was asked specifically about one of the individuals Gallagher is accused of killing, a teenage ISIS fighter. According to prosecutors, the SEAL stabbed the teen who was brought in for medical treatment.

“I frankly don’t care if he was killed,” Hunter said. “I just don’t care.”

The Congressman added that he has seen photos and videos from the Gallagher case and has talked to other SEALS who served with him who say they don’t believe the charges. Hunter also said Gallagher should be given a break and that the ISIS fighter he is accused of killing was going to die anyway.

Did this “person” just admit to being a war criminal?  Or he just stupid? Could he be lying to impress? Or maybe thinks he is above the law as most arrogant pricks believe.

Personally, I believe only a moron would admit to killing “hundreds” of civilians.  This macho chest thumping is typical……there is NOTHING macho about war….but few realize that fact.  Plus this macho d/bag just admitted to being a war criminal.

My grandfather gave me some good advice…”Never start your mouth until your brain is in gear”……I pass it on to Mr. Hunter.

News Update:  As of 03Jun19 there is nothing in the news about this confession…..

2 thoughts on “Closing Thought–03Jun19

  1. Maybe he is trying to circumvent any future war crime accusations with the old standby. “I was just following Orders”. ?
    Best wishes, Pete.

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