Vlad Meets Li’l Kim

We have seen the two “summits” between Li’l Kim and Don the Orange and the results that have been no where to be seen.

Not to be left on the sidelines Putin (Vlad) is set to have his “summit” with Li’l Kim….for security reasons the exact date has not been released…..but according to Russian speculation it will be soon…..

When North Korean leader Kim Jong Un meets with Russian President Vladimir Putin for their first one-on-one meeting, he’ll have a long wish list and a strong desire to notch a win after the failure of his second summit with President Trump. But it’s not entirely clear how much Putin can or will oblige, the AP notes. Kim has two urgent concerns as he heads to the summit, the date of which hasn’t yet been announced. More than 10,000 North Korean laborers still employed in Russia, many working in the logging industry in the Russian Far East, are being kicked out by the end of this year as a 2017 UN sanctions resolution takes effect. The laborers, who previously numbered as many as 50,000, have provided a revenue stream estimated by US officials in the hundreds of millions of dollars that the Kim regime would like to keep flowing.

Kim is also looking at the possibility of a food shortage this summer. Russia has shown a willingness to provide humanitarian aid and just last month announced it had shipped more than 2,000 tons of wheat to the North Korean port of Chongjin. But his decision to more actively court Putin undoubtedly goes deeper than that. Despite all the talk in Washington about denuclearization, Kim’s primary concern is improving his country’s economy. Per internal documents obtained by a South Korean researcher and published this week in a Japanese newspaper, Kim wants to boost trade with Russia tenfold—to $1 billion—by 2020.
That would obviously require some significant easing of sanctions, which seems unlikely. But it would also require a change in Russian behavior. The AP has more on what the Kim-Putin summit could mean, and what could emerge as a result

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Since the US has massive sanctions in place any deal Kim makes with Putin would make things worse?  This will be interesting to watch the reaction from our Supreme Leader.

11 thoughts on “Vlad Meets Li’l Kim

  1. If we fail to try a more balanced approach to NK, it is obvious he will look elsewhere for ‘friends’. However, I doubt he will find an ‘easy mark’ in Putin.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Seems Kim seeks to enhance ties to Russia to lessen effect US sanctions and therefore not so strangled in bargaining about keeping nukes. But Putin would exact extortion like concessions from Kim. Kim would get much better deal from US as we are not interested in making Kim a client.

    1. That depends what he wants……Russia is an adversary even if some think not……Kim needs food and stuff…..Vlad will help with that as best he can…..with China and Russia helping then sanctions are not so crippling.
      I have asked this question before….we hear about the starvation of the people then why in the newsreels no one looks hungry…even in the so-called smuggled pics….few look hungry. chuq
      I have asked this question before…..we have heard about

      1. Even his officers that surround him in pics seem pretty gaunt maybe 135 pounds at best and those military overcoats must elevate their weight at that. Perhaps he keeps a few thousand fed enough to parade about in jolly fashion for public media film. But have you ever noticed in all the pics with his military – no side arms, not a gun in sight. What I can’t figure out is that one would think China and Russia would want a nukeless NK as well for safety in their region or is it worth a gamble for them as long as keeps US preoccupied with the matter ? This tariff war with China is less about trade and much more about bringing China around to help strangle Kim.

      2. The average Asia runs 110-120 lbs so 135 is well fed…..well fake guns were used in American parades as well…..Tariffs will do little. I believe NK has a wealth of rare earth material which China needs for their electronics…..I do not see them abandoning Kim any time soon. chuq

  3. Being as Russia just tested a new top secret nuclear submarine drone, I think Kim wants to be the first customer – besides getting past the sanctions on him.

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