That Pesky Health Care

After the Mueller report was released to the AG and he did his best to make it fit with the Trump bullshit for the last two years then the president started his usual crap about his perfect health care and that everyone would be covered regardless….a health plan the entire nation will love has NEVER come about…..empty promises and lies about Obamacare is all the nation ever got from this poser……and as sad as that is it is better than what we got from the GOP…..the same GOP that voted 50+ times to try and repeal Obamacare…..these same cowards have NOTHING to say and when they talk crickets is all we hear.

And as of recently Mr. Trump has done what he does best…..he waffles and changes direction……

President Trump shifted strategy on ObamaCare in a series of late-night tweets: He still hates it, but he won’t push for a Republican alternative until after the 2020 election, reports Bloomberg. “Everybody agrees that ObamaCare doesn’t work,” he wrote. “Premiums & deductibles are far too high.” He said the GOP is working on a better, cheaper solution, adding, “Vote will be taken right after the Election when Republicans hold the Senate & win back the House.” The tweets come after a week in which Trump’s White House got newly aggressive against ObamaCare, first by arguing in court that the entire law should be declared unconstitutional. Then Trump himself promised that the GOP “will soon be known as the party of health care.”

However, Politico reports that GOP leaders made clear to the White House they did not want to make ObamaCare a focal part of the 2020 election, because they were hurt on the issue in the midterms. As Bloomberg points out, the law has gradually become more popular with voters. Democrats already have seized on the administration’s aggressive court strategy and are planning a resolution to condemn an “unacceptable assault on the health care of the American people,” per USA Today. That would force House Republicans, assuming they back the president, to go on the record as agreeing with the strategy to kill the entire law. One thing not changing: Both Trump and Republicans are still going after Democrats’ “Medicare for All” initiatives.

I love it when this poser says the GOP will soon be known as the party of health care……seriously? The party that has not had an alternative to Obamacare in 9 years.exercise or smoking….cannot get any more pathetic……

The president (I use the term loosely) is afraid of losing so he will waffle whenever it suits him…regardless what he has promised in the past….it is always about the knee jerk response and then the back pedal……typical coward tactics.

Thanx to the GOP the most important factors determining a person’s health is not diet or exercise of even smoking…..the most important factors are social class and race. Period!

The one thing that the GOP and this president do not realize is that health care is the single most important issue to most Americans.

Time for Americans to vote their need.

17 thoughts on “That Pesky Health Care

  1. Small wonder that healthcare is such a big issue over there. Your system is awful, and favours only the drug and hospital companies, as well as the rich.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. I think Barr is perhaps the most qualified person ever to be AG and his integrity and independence is unquestionable. He made a genuine effort to get something out to the public covering only the main points. He was not required to do so.He merely tried to relieve the nation from not continuing it’s breath which I think is admirable. They would have attacked him if he did not release a statement too. Dems lauded Mueller and demanded the findings be accepted. Now since they don’t have the results upon which they planned Mueller and the report are deemed a fix, a cover-up and inadequate so the endless investigations to destroy a president because they lost the election will go on. Mueller’s “does not exonerate Trump” is a very bissaire statement. Prosecutors do not make statements of innocence. They indict or not indict or state “indicated but not substantiated”. Barr has also made himself available to be grilled and questioned voluntarily by the congressional committee which is a further sign of his earnestness. Eric Holder thumbed his nose at congressional subpoenas and refused to release information damaging to Obama, Clinton the DOJ, FBI and democrats. Dems refuse to accept results unless it is a win for them and are even proposing constitutional changes that would help them achieve their agenda. You don’t change the constitution to win. You win by winning elections and working WITHIN the framework of the constitution. In his book , Judge Bork posited that the court must not be possessed by the political whims of a majority at a particular time or era but must be faithful to founder’s intent. The court must be immune popular but misguided agendas. Naturally the founders had no way of knowing the milieu of times to come and amendments have been made but in the spirit of constitutional wisdom. What will the dems do if the Mueller report reveals all kinds of criminal acts by their own darlings ? They’ll try to obstruct and cover up.Or evidence will mysteriously disappear – an art perfected by Hillary and the FBI. Trump is also in earnest about a comprehensive health care plan but McConnell has told him to cool it as they don’t have the votes and the dems will block all efforts not matter how wonderful a proposed plan may be. Any non partisan plan is doomed to fail to pass. This is disappointing all around. Lies about Obamacare ? Take a look at the Obamacare copper plan which is all many people can afford. Decide if it is worth it and try to conclude it is real health insurance. It is on paper only. Then there was the matter of being fined for not enrolling in a plan with a $12,000 deductible and only 4 covered doctor visits per year and negligible hospital coverage.

    1. I disagree he got hos job because he wrote a paper about the obstruction of the president saying he could not be held accountable (short synopsis)…..GOP and Trump have nothing….at least Obamacare helps people where the GOP and Trump are self serve toads. chuq

      1. The Obama copper plan helps people ? How ? An unaffordable plan for low income with limited coverage not useable until $12,000 deductible met is helpful ? The silver and gold plans are more expensive in most cases than the plan people get through their employer and more expensive than those of us paying for Medicare and supplemental out of our soc sec checks.

      2. Obamacare helps few more than anything the GOP has ever offered….it is flawed and was because Obama let corporations write the bill for him……and not all employers offer health care…..or they only do it for full time work and out everybody on part time status. chuq

      3. You have probably written hundreds of “opinion papers” yourself interpreting or offering an alternative opinion about matters of law and policy that were offered as legitimate conclusions without actually advocating or promoting those interpretations. Constitutional scholars are charged with assessing all kinds of alternative possibilities, sensible or not, to determine constitutionality. The papers of Barr do not necessarily predict his conclusions as they are written to “examine” questions of law. There is precedent to charge(impeach) and remove a sitting president for this or that possibility. That’s how they got Spiro Agnew to plea bargain and resign for nonsense in which he was involved as governor of New Jersey before elected VP. His paper on whether a president can be held accountable may not be a position but merely a summation of arguments that advocates of such a position would use and not specifically his own belief. Barr would ultimately conclude no one is above the law. Was the firing of Comey obstruction ? Comey unlawfully leaked info that he knew would be published that would lead to the Mueller investigation. I’d fire him too. Trump wanted Comey to tell him if he himself was under investigation. Comey’s reply was that he could not tell him. If I were president and anyone in the executive branch , anyone that I appointed, withheld information from me about anything I would fire them immediately. If anyone who I appointed kept secrets about anything I would fire them immediately and I would fire them if they did not follow my orders. Lincoln axed McClellan and Truman axed MacArthur. Then there is determining whether acts are obstruction or a president’s legal maneuvers to defend himself and legally protect himself – all based on interpretation by president and his team or the prosecutors.

      4. Impeachment is silly and should be mention only after facts are in…..Why did Barr not release the “Executive Summary” that all investigations have? There is no secret stuff in it…Barr is protecting the President aand that is NOT his job. chuq

  3. The only way to provide health care to everyone is to have national health care paid for out of the generals tax fund. It would require a tax increase to pay for it. I don’t see support for that in the US. Not anytime soon.

  4. Lobotero, are you saying an individual who says in absolute terms that health care is a right are correct with that view? If caring for a patient comes at a financial cost to the medical care provider, the provider should not be required to care for the patient free of charge.

      1. Lobotero, that is your opinion only. Since rights do not incur costs to other people, we get our rights free of charge. Medical care is expensive, so it negates the delusion that we should get that as a service and not pay for it.

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