Just Another Example

Closing Thought–26Feb19

For most Americans we know that the people elected a d/bag for president…..from sexual exploits to Russia to the corrupt regime he has around him……

This is just another example of how far he will go in his pursuit of an ego boost……

Nearly three years after hacked materials upended the 2016 presidential campaign, every Democratic candidate running for the White House has pledged not to knowingly use such material should they end up being published during the current election cycle.

Only one 2020 campaign declined to make such a commitment: President Donald Trump’s.

The Daily Beast asked each presidential campaign either up-and-running or in its exploratory phase whether they would commit to not knowingly using or referencing hacked material that appears online on grounds that it may have been obtained illegally.


Yet another boost to Trump’s fragile ego……he had Japan’s Abe write a letter to the Nobel….then another boost was floated…….

Then the conservative news outlet Sinclair has floated an idea on all its stations……Trump on Rushmore?

Sinclair Broadcast Group ran a segment across more than 50 stations in 28 states saying President Donald Trump’s performance could earn him a place on Mount Rushmore, MediaMatters reported

The segment, which ran on Presidents Day, featured former Trump aide and Sinclair’s Chief Political Analyst Boris Epshteyn touting the commander-in-chief.

“Presidents Day is an important holiday for us to reflect upon those who we have elected to the highest office in our land. We are lucky to currently have a leader in President Trump, whose term so far has been, I would argue, one of the most successful in our nation’s history,” Epshteyn, who worked for the Trump White House and campaign, said in the segment. 

“In just over two years of the Trump administration, we have seen great progress benefiting Americans. If this keeps up, much to the chagrin of many Democrats, the presidents on Mount Rushmore may have to make room for a new addition,” he continued.


Then there is the dictator thing that some are throwing out in the web…….

After losing his battle against Congress to secure funding for his wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, President Trump is declaring that that the congressional rebuff is irrelevant anyway. The reason? Trump is declaring an “emergency” under the “National Emergencies Act,” which, he says, authorizes him to spend U.S. taxpayer money on the wall without congressional authorization. He’s going to have the U.S. military, which will dutifully follow his orders, construct his Berlin Wall.

Trump’s action is the very essence of dictatorship. Check out other dictators around the world — Maduro in Venezuela, Ortega in Nicaragua, Diaz-Canel in Cuba, Kim Jong-Un in North Korea, el-Sisi in Egypt, and Zi in China. They don’t have to jack around with congresses. They have the authority to just act or order. That’s what makes them dictators.


Just a few thoughts to end my posting day……please if you have something to say my comment section is a good place to start.

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10 thoughts on “Just Another Example

  1. Oh yes! I want to see Trump’s head carved on Mount Rushmore, I really do. 🙂 That, and The Wall. What a double legacy to folly. It would serve as a powerful reminder. ‘Never Again’.
    Best wishes, Pete.

      1. As in people who do not vote? Look at the state of brit politics,they cannot even get brexit right,both parties that is….I wld vote but there is no party out there that is worth a dime.I did vote once ,but not now.I do vote by spoiling it…none of the above! 🙂

      2. Oh,we ain’t really got one….just sent you a tweet re: Jeremy Corbyn by free Palestine ( I think) It explains the system here perfectly…& you will see what we are up against! Oh, & one by Craig Murray & the famous Hillary oozing sly talk to Chavez. Bye for now,work to do.

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