Sweet Home Hanoi

Finally! The draft dodging president goes to Vietnam….about 40 years too late…but at least he is going.

The Trump/Kim Summit……the Junket to the Jungle……

As I type this our beloved Supreme Leader is rekindling his “bromance” with the North Korean dictator, Kim.

The best we can do is speculate of what will be said or accomplished…..our beloved Supreme Leader will allow checks and balances into the room…..

So what can we expect from this notorious meeting?

The “Dotard” and the “Rocket Man” are ready for their second pas de deux.

The world will be watching when President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un sit down next week for their second summit in less than a year.

The meeting, which will take place Feb. 27 and 28 in Vietnam, follows their first round of face-to-face talks last summer in Singapore and will give the two leaders a chance to flesh out some of the details of a history-making denuclearization agreement that emerged from their initial dialogue.

Here’s a look back at what happened during the first summit and what we can expect during the second:


Trump will beat his chest and claim a win and Kim will snicker and go home with some assurances and continue doing what he has been doing.

Some think that an announcement will be made……

President Trump departed on Air Force One Monday for Vietnam and his second face-to-face summit with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un. The meetings take place in Hanoi Wednesday and Thursday, and expectations are low in terms of major breakthroughs on the big issue of denuclearization. However, most of the advance coverage emphasizes that both leaders are known for their unpredictability. Details:

  • End to war? South Korea is floating the possibility that Trump and Kim will agree to a formal end to the Korean War, reports the New York Times. “We still don’t know exactly what format the end-of-war declaration will take,” says a spokesperson for South Korean President Moon Jae-in, “but there is an ample possibility of North Korea and the United States agreeing to such a declaration.”
  • No fun: Vietnam has deported a Kim lookalike, reports AFP. The Hong Kong man known as Howard X has been making the rounds of Hanoi this week with a Trump lookalike from Canada named Russell White. White can stay, but he has to stop making public appearances as Trump.
  • Personal touch: A Washington Post analysis notes that Trump has made much of his personal rapport with Kim, and that’s a big reason for the face-to-face summit. From the story: “Since their historic first meeting in Singapore last June, the two leaders have each adopted a strategy of playing to the other’s ego with gushing and gratuitous adoration in pursuit of their aims: For Trump, North Korea’s denuclearization; for Kim, its economic revival and respect on the world stage.”
  • Diplomats’ fear: NBC News runs through some of the incentives Trump could offer Kim: low-level diplomatic relations, the aforementioned end to the war, or even the withdrawal of US troops, though the latter is seen as unlikely. “One of the worst possible outcomes is (Trump) makes some crazy deal pledging to withdraw US troops for a vague promise of denuclearization,” says a former senior US official. More likely are incremental agreements toward denuclearization.
  • A big question: Satellite photos suggest North Korea’s main nuclear reactor at Yongbyon is operating as usual, reports NPR. That might seem to fly in the face of the North’s stated commitment after the first summit to move toward “complete denuclearization,” though Kim has kept any promises on the subject vague. The Yongbyon reactor can make weapons-grade plutonium, and only ground inspections would be able verify what’s happening there. That’s another area of possible compromise in the talks.

In other words…..this will be nothing more than a photo op…..both guys can claim a victory and nothing will get done…..

However to end on a up note…..Trump finally did the right thing and went to Vietnam….40 years too late!  Hopefully those “bone spurs” will not get in the way of a good photo op….as it did in the service of your country in the 70s.

7 thoughts on “Sweet Home Hanoi

  1. I am trying to decide if this is a good thing, or a bad one. In many respects, giving Kim such attention might calm him down. But it may also boost his perception that he is genuinely powerful. We will have to ‘watch this space’.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Trump is doing the right thing. We should talk to NK, end the war and the sanctions and start trading. South Korea is ready to go on this direction and so is NK.
    Nukes held by NK do not bother me. Lots of countries have them now.
    Keep our troops in SK. Adds stability to the region.

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