Can He Do That?

The big story these days is the fact that our Dear president has declared a “national emergency” so he can fulfill an ego trip to build a wall for a Trump plaque.

Now the Dems and others will be challenging the “declaration” in court…..”a big beautiful wall”…can he do that? When a president threatens to exercise the power to declare a national emergency, our system of checks and balances faces a crucial test. With President Trump threatening such a declaration in order to build his proposed physical border wall, that test could be an important one that could quickly implicate your right to privacy and a transparent government.

EFF has long tangled with governmental actions rooted in presidential power. From mass telephone records collection to tapping the Internet backbone, and from Internet metadata collection to biometric tracking and social media monitoring, claims of national crisis have often enabled digital policies that have undermined civil liberties. Those policies quickly spread far beyond their initial justification. We have also seen presidential authorities misused to avoid the legislative process—and even used to try to intimidate courts and prevent them from doing their job to protect our rights.

Trump’s announcement looks like the first step of a person trying to cease power for himself and himself alone…..we cannot and should not support or allow him to do so……

presidential declaration of a national emergency is an outrageous abuse of power – perhaps the most dangerous yet by the unstable and increasingly autocratic President Donald Trump. If this invocation of emergency on false pretenses is tolerated, it could justify almost limitless abuses of presidential and military power, including far-reaching clampdowns on civil rights.

This unlawful and unconstitutional action is going to be challenged in court, including by Public Citizen. On behalf of several Texas landowners and a Texas environmental organization that will experience firsthand the immediate impact of Trump’s illegal emergency declaration, we will sue to challenge his unconstitutional attempt to circumvent the legislative process.

The American people should demand their reps do everything possible to stop this ego trip……it is a manufactured crisis of no basis……his action is ripped from a playbook for dictators (like it or not)……

On the other hand if he is successful (after all he has stacked the Courts with lackeys) the next Dem president could do the same for such true emergencies as guns, climate, etc…..

Let the lawsuits begin!

When will the GOP step up and do what is right?  This is the perfect situation where they can get off the Trump merry-go-round……but will they?

Personally, I have NO problem watching the GOP implode….but it is just a little sad to watch it destroy itself…..principles be damned!

6 thoughts on “Can He Do That?

    1. It would NO different if the Dem had done this…the GOP would be playing games as well… is what they do instead of governing…..chuq

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