Walter Jones–R.I.P.

US Congressman Walter Jones from North Carolina died…..this man voted for voted for the Iraq War and then spent the rest of his life atoning for that ill-conceived vote…..

Rep. Walter B. Jones Jr., an Eastern North Carolina congressman who made it his mission to atone for his vote sending U.S. troops into Iraq in the early 2000s, died Sunday on his 76th birthday. Jones, like his father, served his district for nearly a quarter-century.

His death was confirmed by his office.

Jones, a Republican, was first elected to the House in 1994 and won 12 more terms, including in 2018 when he ran unopposed in the general election. He served five terms in the North Carolina House as a Democrat before switching parties and winning a seat in Congress during a Republican wave election.

IST send our condolences to his friends and family…..he will be missed….may he Rest in Peace.

4 thoughts on “Walter Jones–R.I.P.

  1. Congressman Jones was opposed by the D.C. Republican swampestablishment, which has an obsession with endless Middle East involvement, just like the Demoleft. Walter had the correct take on that and most everything else. We need more in Congress like him. Let these people fight their own wars. Don’t forget, liberal Democrats started the no-win war philosophy. Foreign adventurism should be a foreign concept and Rep. Jones recognized this. I live in Georgia and checked his website frequently. R.I.P.

    1. I appreciate your visit and your comment…..I am a bit Left and I have been hitting everyone on these wars….please stop by and check out the site….thanx again….chuq

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