Those Moderates!

Closing Thought–06Feb19

The SOTU is over and been analyzed to death….so what now?

The next big thing will be the next date for is possible shutdown…..beyond that will be the 2020 election……the Dem field is expanding and the GOP field is being suppressed to protect a lying windbag from having to face a challenge in the primaries.

The buzz is the the Dems are looking for more moderate candidates…..that is a mistake!

Moderates do what moderates do the weaken all legislation….and I have written about their place in American politics…..

I also dislike the term “Centrists”… me these a political cowards that are trying to do nothing more than pad their resume for the next election.  I mean if you want whats best for the American people then pick a side and stick to it!

I agree with those that say that ‘moderates’ are a dangeros political animal…….

The “moderate.”

Such a soothing political word. It conjures up a reasonable, considerate person who seeks the middle ground between ideological extremists: Works well with others, crosses the aisle to make good policy, knows how to win incremental change rather than issuing jarring proclamations that jump too far ahead of the electorate. A moderate is pragmatic, gets things done and doesn’t let the perfect become the enemy of the good.

Oh, in these troubled times, aren’t such moderates—beloved as they are by right-wingers like Bret Stephens—desperately needed?

Get ready to hear more and more of that from mainstream media pundits as the Democratic Party moves more towards the kind of progressive populism put forward by the Sanders/AOC wing of the party. We’ll be asked by centrist journalists to take a careful look at more reasonable moderates like Gillibrand, McAuliffe, Bloomberg, Biden, Booker, Landrieu and many more (e.g. “Is There Room in 2020 for a Centrist Democrat?” and “The Loneliness of a Moderate Democrat”).

But what is the substance of all this centrism and moderation?

I will be writing more on this as the 2020 election comes around….these political cowards need to be replaced with policy driven candidates.


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