Closing Thought–08Jan19

Bravo Mr. Arkin!

I know I go on and on about our reps growing a spine and standing up to the war complex that we have created….I finally have someone that I can look up to within the MSM…..NBC’s William Arkin……

A journalist with NBC has resigned from the network with a statement which highlights the immense resistance that ostensibly liberal mass media outlets have to antiwar narratives, skepticism of US military agendas, and any movement in the opposite direction of endless military expansionism.

January 4 is my last day at NBC News and I’d like to say goodbye to my friends, hopefully not for good,” begins an email titled ‘My goodbye letter to NBC’ sent to various contacts by William M Arkin, an award-winning journalist who has been associated with the network for 30 years.

“This isn’t the first time I’ve left NBC, but this time the parting is more bittersweet, the world and the state of journalism in tandem crisis,” the email continues. “My expertise, though seeming to be all the more central to the challenges and dangers we face, also seems to be less valued at the moment. And I find myself completely out of synch with the network, being neither a day-to-day reporter nor interested in the Trump circus.”

Finally someone with ‘nads to oppose the M-IC and its number tool, the MSM…..

I have found a new respect for at least one mainstream journalist…..but sadly it will not make much difference.


18 thoughts on “Closing Thought–08Jan19

  1. Yes,nothing will change. Was at a Palestinian meet a couple of months ago,met a lovely Jewish lady who is pro Palestine…the oppositition called her a kapo…Israeli flags flying with just a few Palestiunian flags….and the people just walked by…. intent on their shopping. No, nothing will change…the people are asleep to the dangers of Israel.Yinon plan…greater Israel.Big problem.As for John Bolton…enuf said.

      1. Thanks Lobo! Will read..I am keeping an eye on the yellow vest movement in France…no leaders,what a blessing! It has moved here (UK) as well & other parts of the world.I am keeping a close eye on BDS…Gilad has run into trouble yet again…check his account. ‘They’ are setting out to destroy him. I bought both his books (cheap) The Wondering Who? 🙂 & Being in Time…Met him twice & had a chat…Keep well chuq.

      1. Yes,heard about this….we have long haul ahead of us….at the moment zio/neo /cons rule…they have made in roads everywhere… High-Ranking Retired General Leonid Ivashov: The Pro-Israeli Lobby Permeates All The Administrative Structures Of The Russian Federation; Russia's Sovereignty Is At Stake

      2. I know Israel is a great thief…they steal everything…, money, children, oil….everything…..time for them to made to pay for their crap chuq

      3. ~Gilad Atzmon~

        As we are learning about Islington (Labour) council collusion with Likud this story comes along: UK council retirees to get paid with Yemen war money
        Islington or Israelington? You decide… … @RichardWatts01 @IslingtonBC #Labour #Zionism

      4. Clive (critical think) speaks on Israel….well worth a listen…..enjoy….might pop back at a later date…keep up the good work on Palestine…
        ~Resistance Politics ~

  2. A commemorative coin with her face on it!
    UGH. 😦
    She is loathed here, amongst the ones who know!
    Thanx but no thanks… 😉

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