The UN–Should We Go Or Should We Stay?

The Clash is blasting in the background…..

The United Nations has been a source of ridicule for Neocons for decades.

The Trump Administration has been pulling out of the major functions of the United Nations since they came to power….plus there are several functions that we have never signed up for in the past.

FYI, Politico has a slide show of all the treaties the US has not signed…..

I bring this up at this time because of something that the US ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, has said……

As Nikki Haley finishes her tenure this month, the woman who has spent the last two years representing the U.S. at the United Nations has a question for the American public: Should the U.S. remain a member?

“The American people need to decide if it’s worth it,” she said in an interview with a small group of journalists this week. There is a lot of waste and abuse at the UN, she said, and it is often “politically unfair” to the U.S. and its allies. That said, she also noted that the UN was the vehicle for imposing tough sanctions on North Korea and an arms embargo on South Sudan.

“There are rays of light,” she said. “But the verdict is still out.”

It’s easy to see where Haley is coming from — during her tenure, the UN has had to deal with scandals of the self-inflicted and political variety. It continues to suffer the repercussions of child sex abuse by UN peacekeepers. Meanwhile Russia’s veto at the Security Council, “one of the most frustrating things about the UN,” continues to protect Syria from facing accountability for chemical weapons attacks.

It is a great question.

The UN was a grand idea that the US did not take seriously out of ignorance and arrogance.

The whole idea of the Security Council with 5 permanent members that can veto anything put before it…..a stupid idea!

So I think we should consider our membership….either take the grand plan seriously or bow out and let the rest of the world get down to business.

What say you?


9 thoughts on “The UN–Should We Go Or Should We Stay?

  1. The Veto makes the whole organisation pointless. Best to disband it, and go to smaller and more useful regional collaborations between countries.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. The veto was the way to make the allies after WW2 feel superior….it serves NO one so far the only country to benefit has been Israel…..I agree disband but there is a place for a more democratic organization….chuq

  2. You complain no matter who is in office, so I’ve been meaning to ask you – what would the characteristics be for your perfect president?

  3. Like anything in life, you get out of it what you put into it. Weaker countries like the forum to have some level of an equal voice in their own place in the world as part of their own survival. The greater powers naturally feel constrained, restrained, given they can usually get what they want just because of their own power and influence in aspects like military, technology, and economics. But in the end it’s simply a diplomatic organization. Trump has this “Fuck-you-when-was-the-last-time-you-did-any-good-for-me” (not “us”) mentality about everything because he thinks the world is ripping us off.
    The UN does provide a community forum to bitch about each other, and oddly that does have a rather peaceful purpose… and it serves as a world forum to call another country out and use international embarrassment… such as the Cuban Missile Crisis.
    Many of the UN organizations do have good purposes and have accomplished much over the years.. the WHO (not the group) comes to mind.. UNESCO is another. Peace-keeping efforts seem to have helped in certain crisis.
    I would vote that we stay in.. but.. what surely is needed is maybe a re-organization.. a re-statement of purpose for the coming millennium, given all the new technology, cyber-hacking over borders, and the overall perspective that the UN is less about a collection of nations but part of a greater economic community, without threatening a nation’s individualism, etc. Yeah.. that nasty word, globalism.,, it’s inevitable.

    1. I would vote to stay inn if there were changes…..for one NO permanent members to the Security Council and no one could veto a proposal… should be a consensus……chuq

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