1949–Revolt Of The Admirals

Yep that time again…..an IST history lesson…..I try to find cool stuff for my readers to help them become more informed and hopefully entertained…..

There were coups waiting to happen….Aaron Burr comes to mind and then in 1933 and those that did not appreciate the policies of FDR…..in this case it is the grandfather of Bush, Prescott Bush…..


World War Two has been won….now the country is trying to downsize from the massive war machine that is still around……1949 a step was taken that kinda pissed off a bunch of admirals……

The spark that set off the Revolt of the Admirals in 1949 was the cancellation of the Navy’s supercarrier, the CVA-58 United States, within a few days of the laying of the keel.

The situation was already primed to ignite. The Navy in the postwar period had become apprehensive, then alarmed, about the impending unification of the services under a single Department of Defense. The rise of the Air Force was a challenge to naval aviation.

No foreign nation posed a threat to the United States at sea. With its traditional role thus diminished in importance, the Navy feared that it might be relegated to minor functions.

The nation’s strategic focus was on atomic weapons, which were in the domain of the Air Force. At the Key West conference in 1948, the mission of strategic air warfare had been assigned to the Air Force. The Navy was determined to roll back that decision and gain at least part of the atomic mission.

To do so, it needed a “supercarrier” that could launch large bombers. It also had to discredit the Air Force’s B-36 bomber, which was performing the mission the Navy wanted. Cancellation of the CVA-58 in April 1949 sent the Navy to battle stations.


Now let’s take a look at the situation and the events that followed……

In the summer and fall of 1949, hearings of the House Armed Services Committee crackled with tension as U.S. Navy admirals went before Congress to defy their civilian leadership. America and its allies stood transfixed as a parade of famous admirals demonstrated fierce opposition to service unification, displayed hostility and contempt for the civilian leaders of the Defense Department, and condemned cuts made to the Navy budget. Unsettling headlines such as “The Navy Boils Over” and “Bradley Accuses Admirals of Open Rebellion” drifted through the nation’s newspapers for weeks.[1] Known as The Revolt of the Admirals, this episode has been described as “the most flagrant challenge ever hurled by top-ranking American military men at the civilian leadership of the United States.”


There you go……a bit of history that is not taught and is seldom remembered……and then the old professor came along……

Learn Stuff!

Class Dismissed!


4 thoughts on “1949–Revolt Of The Admirals

  1. Many years ago I did a paper in college on a possible attempted coup in the US in 1934. It was called the Business Plot. It was alleged to include Marine Gen. Smedley Butler. If you don’t already know of it.. it’s kinda a cool factoid in our history. A bunch of businessmen were alleged to be plotting the takeover of the U.S. government and setting up Butler as dictator. Big congressional investigation of the day on the attempted “insurrection”.

  2. I have always felt that America has long been ripe for a military coup. It is probably only the vast size of the country that makes it impractical to achieve.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Plus too many interest that conflict with each other…..but to me it seems like we had a “silent coup” back in 2016 and we are living with it now….chuq

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