That Time Again……

Well it is that time of the year again…..the time when some worship their God and others worship consumerism or…..well you get the picture….and some of my regulars may have noticed that my post have lightened up a bit and I think I should explain….

For me it is not the most cheerful of times……my favorite grandmother died on 20 December and my father died on 13 December and and my mother passed on Christmas Day at 0700hrs… no not the best of times.

This year I am dealing with a bit of the flu….in this case a stomach virus that has me hugging the porcelain throne….most times I do not feel like sitting up long enough to type (this post took me two days)…….

Please bear with me….it is getting better slowly but slowly…..I hope to be back to full strength soon…..I will probably keep to a shorter schedule until at least after Christmas.

See you guys soon……chuq


11 thoughts on “That Time Again……

  1. Sorry to hear of your losses. I can relate. But I find I feel better when I’m not taking my misfortunes out on the people around me. Many have our predicament.

  2. I understand how those deaths color your Christmas season. My brother died on December 19th, the first of the four “kids” in my family to die. Frankly, it was worse that he died than when our parents died. Somehow that seemed proper, in some odd way, that the older members of the family died first, well into their 90s, than my brother, who died at age 75.

    1. Sorry for your loss……I just want the st of the year to come…..and start another year of blogging……give the boys a scratch from me….chuq

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