Holy Crap Syria!

I have been saying that the US needs to remove itself from Syria…..its mission is all but over time to come out……

The Brookings Institute has released a paper about the Middle East situation…….

Painful though it may be, the United States needs to begin the work of pulling back from its overwhelming involvements in the Middle East. This is the conclusion we draw in our new Foreign Affairs article, “America’s Middle East Purgatory: The Case for Doing Less.” At a time when U.S. interests in the Middle East are declining at pace with the American public’s appetite for commitments in the region, the United States must embrace a Middle East policy defined by greater clarity and discipline.

Both Barack Obama and Donald Trump have struggled to balance a preference for reducing America’s extensive regional commitments with the breakdown of regional order and the vociferous protestations of America’s regional partners. The push-pull dynamic between American and regional preferences has produced a worst-of-both-worlds approach to policymaking, by which American involvement remains at a level high enough to incur significant costs, but too low to drive the region toward a more positive trajectory.


The news that came out yesterday gave this post its title…..it seems that soon the US will be withdrawing ALL its troops from Syria…..I know I know….SAY WHAT?

In a surprise move, President Trump has declared victory over ISIS in Syria, and the White House has confirmed that a complete withdrawal of US military forces from Syria has been ordered. Officials also say the State Department will be withdrawn in the next 24 hours.

This would see an estimated 2,000 US troops pulled from Syria, which comes after many months of Pentagon officials positioning the military presence as a very long-term one. No one seems to have anticipated this announcement.

In the immediate lead-up to the announcement, however, the Trump Administration has been telegraphing a post-war mindset a bit, with special envoy James Jeffrey confirming earlier this week that the US accepts Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is staying in office.

That’s a big shift after years of demanding regime change at the end of the war. Now, US officials are just insisting that no reconstruction aid will be provided unless the Assad government changes substantially.

The announcement is expected to start a lot of arguments, with a number of Congressional hawks already positioning themselves as vehemently opposed to the pullout. Hawks within the administration will likely oppose the plan as well, and the Pentagon seems to have planned to just stay in Syria permanently.

British Defense Minister Tobias Ellwood issued his own statement rejecting Trump’s announcement, saying he “strongly disagrees” with the assessment that ISIS is defeated. It is unclear if Britain intends to keep attacking Syria on their own.

The biggest impact of a US pullout is likely to be in Syrian Kurdistan, where Turkey is threatening an invasion, and the Pentagon has been warning that would be “unacceptable.” President Trump spoke to the Turkish president just a few days ago, and if a pullout was imminent then, they presumably would’ve discussed the matter, and the implications. This may explain President Erdogan having the impression that Trump endorsed his invasion.

It’s not clear how long it will take for the US to get 2,000 troops out of Syria, and some military officials may drag their heels on the matter, hoping that they can talk the president out of ending the war. For now, however, there is reason to hope that the American involvement in the war is about to be over.

Seriously?  After all the accusations the US is willing for Assad to stay in control?  My how the song has changed!

Now how hard would it be to do the same thing in Afghanistan? (Look for a post on this coming soon)…after all we thoroughly stomped AQ and we stayed to wasted blood and treasure…..let’s not make the same mistake in Syria.

Time for the troops to come home!

ISIS is NOT defeated and they will try to make a comeback…..for now the US needs to regroup.

If Trump sticks by his guns then I will have nothing but good to say about him…at least on the Syrian Front.

The Defense Industry big guns will come out in protest to this announcement……this will show the public who pays these toads.

Plus the M-IC will use the MSM to fight against this presidential decision….this is NO way to foreign policy…..

16 thoughts on “Holy Crap Syria!

  1. Trump haters will lambast him for leaving Syria. They will crucify him for staying. The left has no Syria goals except to use the matter to criticize Trump no matter what he does there. Several memes have already appeared depicting the pull out as proof Trump is Putin’s lackey. The wise course is to pull out. Assad is stronger than ever. Syria is Russia’s only ally in the area and the only place it has military bases. They are not leaving Syria. So let the Russians die dealing with all the rival radical Islamists and let them waste assets there. Let the Russians have it. Let them bleed instead of us. The main reason for US presence in region is to protect Israel and threaten Iran and contain Iran as well as gathering information on terrorist groups. In event of war we have in theater forces already in place by staying in Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia. We have a presence as assets military wise by staying in Afghanistan. The policy should be never to leave. My regret is abandoning the Syrian Kurds but as Turkey views them as rebels and separatist trouble how can we be allies of both ?

    1. It is neocons that are yelling the loudest…..keep blaming liberals for crap they do…..this is why the country can get nothing done…..to busy with hysteria and partisan BS chuq

    2. The latest is the Trump has said that fallen American troops are behind his withdrawal…..I was giving him a bye on this until I read that…..I have a problem with that sort of rhetoric. chuq

      1. I’m not clear what you mean. Presently I am reading THE LAST MAN by Vince Flynn. About CIA intrigue in Afghanistan. Naturally the story line is fiction but what these guys do over there is not. CIA involved in actual low scale combat often with military support, insertion teams, extraction teams, murder teams, paid mercenaries , bribed foreign military, bribed foreign government, bribed Islamic society members all doing all kinds of combat stuff and FBI and State Dept over there too. Seems like they are doing more fighting than actual US military and seems that will go in in Syria with or without US troop presence. It’s all pretty fascinating and the degree of action and regional impact is shocking. Our secret wars may have more military consequences than actual military engagement. This is all new to me. I had no idea. Seems US conducting small scale military operations over every square inch of the planet making a military withdrawal from Syria of little effect on overall clandestine reach. And this president whom the left thinks is an asshole and an idiot and a Russian patsy is privy to and in charge of all of it. Trump’s certainly no simpleton as Trump haters try to characterize. Certainly an eye opener for me how much secret power this or any other president has.

      2. There is no time table so for now I think it is more show that substance….I am not sure that him being privy is much confidence…..chuq

  2. Read a few articles this morning. Several state that the deep state will not allow the troops to leave Syria in spite of Trump. They include the military, state department and military industrial complex. Bolton and pals are upset.
    Last night CNN, MSNBC, ABC and NBC were critical of Trump for removing the troops.
    I agree they should be removed by February.

    1. I have noticed that my thought that the M-IC would come out in force to oppose was accurate…..a welcome break for the WH with all the legal news coming out….chuq

  3. I sure would not want to be a Kurd for the next few years of genocide by the Turks, Russians and Syrians. Sorry for the lives lost and shudder to think how much worse things will be. Again, instead of upholding our best principles, we promised protection for Afghans and Kurds with no intent to keep our word. All while we are deporting Cambodian-Americans to a Cambodia they know not after promising to give them refuge. Word to the wise, when US promises to protect you and you are POC, run for the hills and dig is as best you can to survive the killing fields.

    1. Kurds may come out better than expected.
      I don’t know what we promised to the Kurds. Or how much they have done on their own without our promise.
      I have seen reports that HW Bush approved sending Iraq the gas that they used to gas the Kurds.

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