“Making America Great Again”–Part 23

The latest part of Maj. Sjursen series on the history of this great land….if you missed my posting the previous 22 parts of his history and would like to read his take on American history then the series and the author will be pleased…..

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Now for the latest installment…..the country has been through a devastating war and now the nation is healing itself…enter into the Jazz Age and our march to the future…..

The Jazz Age. The Roaring ’20s. The Flapper Generation. The Harlem Renaissance. These are the terms most often used to describe America’s supposedly booming culture and economy during the 1920s. No doubt there is some truth in the depiction. Real wages did rise in this period, and the styles and independence of certain women and African-Americans did blossom in the 1920s—at least in urban centers. Still, the prevailing visions and assumptions of this era mask layers of reaction, racism and retrenchment just below the social surface. For if the 1920s was a time of jazz music, stylishly dressed “flappers” and lavishly wealthy Wall Street tycoons, it was also one infused with Protestant fundamentalism, fierce nativism, lynching and the rise of the “new” Ku Klux Klan. How, then, should historians and the lay public frame this time of contradictions? Perhaps as an age of culture wars—vicious battles for the soul of America waged between black and white, man and woman, believer and secularist, urbanites and rural folks.


A well written history of this country and a look into some of the parts that we wish to forgot…..

I will post the series as the new parts become available…..

Learn Stuff!

Class Dismissed!


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