The “L” Word

Hey Trumpites!

Found something else for you to worry about…..the “L” word is in use again….Pompeo says that Trump will bring about a “New liberal world order”……there it is that “L” word that you simpletons are so damn afraid of….only this time it is out of the mouth of a slimy Trump appointee…….Pompeo.

Arguing that President Trump is working appropriately to confront “bad actors” and to exercise American global leadership, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo delivered a major policy speech declaring Trump to be forging a new, liberal world order that would drive Western civilization forward.

Much like past such American efforts, this newest of world orders is envisioned chiefly for the purpose of picking fights with nations the US perceives as rivals or enemies. Singled out in the speech were Russia, China, and Iran.

So it’s Western civilization against the world, once again, and this time more than ever, the US wants to make sure they are given unconditional dominance over the efforts, so as to eschew any international objections.

To that end, while Pompeo praised the long US-dominated NATO, he went after other international bodies like the UN, the European and African Unions, and the OAS, saying they no longer serve the world’s interests, and declaring post-Cold War multilateralism to be a failure.


The message here is that the alternative to failure is US hegemony, and anything the US can’t exercise near absolute control over is simply a relic. Pompeo went so far as to suggest that if the post-Cold War financial system were really working properly, China wouldn’t have made so much money in international trade, and says the current system is powerless to stop China.

Pompeo concluded that US unilateralism is going to reform the world in a proper, US-driven image, saying America will lead “now and always” and that international bodies need to reform themselves to help the US goals “or be eliminated.”

Should I pause here for the arrival of the “grammar police”

You know the ones that think that have a superior grasp of the English language…..but where?

They will point out that the word “liberal” is small “L” not Liberal with a capital “L”……should I wait?

Yep then attack their ignorance.  (actually this part is put in to see who reads the post or not)…..

The Right despises the “Left”……yes despises just look at the adjectives the use to describe a Dem…ergo a Liberal…..but without them the Right would have NO one to blame for their impotent governing style……

It is the “L” Word!

3 thoughts on “The “L” Word

  1. If a new world order was established along the lines of American liberalism, it would be a lot like the current center-right governments dominating Europe. I thought most Americans would see that as a good thing?
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. F by mist you mean more than a majority I would say no. Neither conservatives or liberals have a majority. It is true that a large minority would be happy, but a just as large minority would not be. We are pretty well split into three groups. Much as we were in 1776. One third for, one third against and one third on the fence or with no opinion.

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